The narratives about Trump thread.


Slightly off topic, but one thing I sorely miss in Taiwan is NFL RedZone. RZ is the only way to watch NFL, imo. Especially if you participate in fantasy football. A glorious way to waste an entire Sunday afternoon - although it would be a glorious way to waste the time between 1am and 8am for 17 consecutive Mondays here in Taiwan. Still, I would be tempted.


Get the internet package. I think it’s $120 for the whole season, all games including playoffs and red zone, and pretty cool condensed games with everything between the downs cut out. Perfect for catching up on the 5am games the next morning. I have to see the Jets games personally.


You miss the point Brian. Why do they have assault rifles in the first place?


Well stated.


More like Trump is like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack and the entailed elite are feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Shame they can’t have an intelligent conversation without dripping in derision.


Hmm, not seeing how you take that from it. Seems like straightforward criticism, agree or no.


Well, humour is subjective, Woody Allen never my thing always thought he was a creep, some people thought it was intellectual comedy, But really it was intellectual crutches for the dim witted.

Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, he’s the hero, the stiff golf clubbing got-to-do-it-by-the-rules, they are contemptible.

Each to their own kind of humour.

Oh by the way, I think I figured out why the DOJ/FBI have been working so hard to keep part of the original FISA warrant redacted, and I dont think you guys will like it.

Remember when they said they can’t reveal the informant name, but also revealed he was a Cambridge Professor, how national security would be compromised but told you he was the guy who invited Papadopolous to London, they all but said his name begins with “s” and ends in “tefen Halper”. Very strange, unless you consider there was another name being redacted. One that begins with “O”.


Oh my god…tell me it isn’t Oprah!!! :hushed:


Maybe more of a NY thing. He had a couple of good ones. I wouldn’t call it “intellectual comedy” though

Certainly a different kind of humor :slight_smile:

But why are we talking about humor? To each their own indeed, but it’s the diplomatic criticism I’m taking from it.

I’m sure whatever’s there will out in the end.


You reminded me of once when I was watching “The Gary Shandling Show” as a kid. My mom watched a bit and said “it’s pretty high-brow”, not totally approvingly lol.


Oprah is pretty badass, but even she cant go around the courts and issue an order to spy using the FISA courts which gives access to the NSA database. It’s a speculative claim, but as tempo points out, one which will come out eventually.


I’m not sure that’s exactly what I said :slight_smile:


Perhaps I should have added , one way or the other.


If it was Obama behind it, knowing how careful he was (and is), I see someone else taking the fall for it. But who knows…these have been an unusual couple of years in politics, to say the least.


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