The narratives about Trump thread.


I do fine, thank you.


Emm. Ummm.
No you got me there.


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Where’s the “this is not my beautiful house” and “this is not my beautiful wife” part?

I guess we need to wait…


I didn’t know he actually turned down a one year deal in Frisco. That probably wasn’t a great idea


Talcum X with the inside scoop from the Nfl!



“Ehm…pics are from 2014, obomo era…”


Many commentators freaked out at the time, I’m told.


You know the old joke about how fascism is always descending on America but somehow always lands on Europe? This is like that. The Donald is perennially about to be ousted, but the Trump Effect keeps making landfall elsewhere.

How long will he remain in office? It doesn’t matter. To his haters, it will seem like forever.


That may be the reason why the new Spaghetti government is being branded as nazi-fascist-whatever.


You mean it’s not!?!


Am so entertained with his dealings with Canada. Pretty Boy Trudeau is whining like a schoolgirl. Does Canada remove its 300 percent tariffs on dairy products? He is a hypocrite – just like his pappy. :grin::grin:


You mean you can’t have a fight in the Italian parliament without people screaming fascist? :astonished: What is Europe coming to?!

If that sort of radical ultraleftista ideology ever makes it to Taiwan, our caption contests will become much less jovial, I’m afraid. :hushed:

Incidentally, that Conte guy is interesting: an ex-leftista who now professes to think outside the box.

In other news, I’m curious about what people think of the Sanchistas over in Angry Spice Mix’s motherland.


His message is correct but his delivery is poor. The foreign minister blew it too.


NAFTA is dead, all that is left is political posturing in front of cameras and playing the blame game and of course USA officially stating that it is going to be ended, which they don’t seem to be in a hurry to do so.

I doubt Trump ever thought there was going to be a successful renegotiation. The USA has some valid reasons for concern, such as point of origin, i.e. not allowing third party countries like China using Canada/Mexico as a backdoor to circumvent taxes. But when Canada, as you say played cute, came into the negotiations demanding inclusion of transgender issues, I think anyone watching realized, this is going to end up with NAFTA being killed.


I missed that part. Can you enlighten?


If I could go to any parallel universe right now, I would go to the one where President Hillary Clinton just tweeted, “I have the absolute right to PARDON myself”! :rofl: :innocent:

Btw @bojack Donnie just endorsed the paper you now love to hate. :idunno:


Another bullshit leftist libcuck snowflake narrative. Like Trump would ever say anything like that, let alone put it into text online where people could freely view it.


Oh I am sure no one would ever suggest such a thing.