The narratives about Trump thread.


“Trump trolls” indeed.

dropping pallets full of cash on Tehran tarmacs

Sorry, unfreezing an asset isn’t the same as giving someone a gift.


It is if you originally had no intention of ever giving it back.


80%? I was 80% not being facetious once lately but don’t remember and special optimism :slight_smile:

If, of course it’s not, and I’ll be the first to say so. This is what I think is happening though. This is as much about Trump wanting SK to pay more of their share as anything. That’s not a bad thing either, and I’m all for it (elsewhere as well). But this is a damaging way to go about it. Of course NK is going to take that deal. It’s a freebie for them. We’ll see what happens subsequently. I’m less optimistic now than I was previously. Throwing our weight around had a certain logic, but giving free gifts just makes us look soft and manipulable.


Trump clearly hankers after authoritarianism. He’ll bend over backwards for authoritarians while attacking democracies. It’s worrying.


This is a fair comment, Trump himself has been complaining about the cost to the USA with regards SK as recently as yesterday. So it’s a factor, how much of a factor, I really have no idea.

As I recall previously your level of optimism wasn’t all that high to begin with. 6 months to a year from now, you may get to say “I told you so”. Personally, I am cautiously more optimistic and here’s why.

The naysayers are quick to point out that negotiations with NK have been tried before and they reneged on their end of the deal. I would suggest the key to getting NK to give up it’s nukes (and what Trump has done differently) lies not in persuading NK it’s in their interests, but convincing China and Russia it’s in their interests too. Those following what Trump has been doing since he got into office closely realize he understands this.

The MSM on the other hand have been much too busy trashing Trump to actually look at anything he is doing might be rational and calculated.


You’re right, it wasn’t. We’ll see

Could be. Why is it though. And I’m not sure how this rushed meeting would have factored into it.



Depends on perspective, one might see NK as an independent state ruled by a ruthless dictator, one that we could all agree serves as a proxy state for China and a lesser extent Russia and their geopolitical and strategic advantage as well as plausible deniability.

But when you ask the question, to what extent is NK a proxy country it gets more interesting and by extension to what extent is Kim Jong Un a puppet leader. Then you might consider also what a pickle and predicament Kim Jong Un finds himself in.


The Milker Guide to Income Tax

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What the heck is that?

But yeah, I see him dropping in on Duterte sometime soon. He must have a real hard on for that murderer.


It’s different when the government does it. They can get away with it!


The one who sent military helicopters to get rid of Isis in one of his country’s towns?



Yes, the end of history is upon us. If Obama deserves it for droning children, then surely Trump deserves it for “cosying up to dictators.”


Those Norwegian nazis, man…they’re really trying to mess up the regressive agenda, aren’t they?


Their true Aryan colors are finally showing.


Yes, when Trump gets elected again we’ll definitely blame “very low IQ” De Niro for not knowing that Tony-Award-watching Trump supporters were expecting a high-brow, intellectual and educated discourse on Trump’s foreign policies at the ceremony to convince them to vote for someone else.


That’s not even close to the meaning of the article written by that guy!


But there is no need to stoop to the same level of discourse. Take the high road.


I’m Taiwanese; we insult other people’s moms and their reproductive organs :joy: I happen to be a low IQ individual and that’s the level of discourse I’m comfortable with when talking with climate change deniers, Creationists or Tony-Award-watching Trump supporters.