The narratives about Trump thread.


The Overton Window has been shifting for a while now, having reversed direction from leftward to rightward at least four years ago.

Politics is downstream from culture, someone once said. That’s why the New Left set out to hijack the cultural control centers: schools and mass media. But new communications technology dilutes the power of these same centers. There is no longer any central control panel for the culture.

The Internet started the job, and now Trump is accelerating it, masterfully manipulating the hollow shell of the old media while at the same time participating in the new. They hijacked the culture, and now he’s taking it from them. But ultimately even Trump won’t control it. No one will.


shiadoa’s image doesn’t quote the Democrats, true enough, but it’s not that far off the positions the Democrats have staked out.

Neither side is pure as the driven snow re: judicial activism, but it’s the Democrat party that seems more willing to rely on … creative interpretations of the Constitution. Example would be Roe. Example two, going to the Democrat reliance I mentioned, is that Democrats just moved on and eventually gave up on encoding Roe in the law. Perfectly happy to rely a SC decision for their law-making, even though that’s not in the Judiciary’s quiver.

Even today Democrats are upset that Roe might be overturned, that it’s now the “law” of the land.


You only oppose the radical extremist left… meaning all mainstream media (other than Fox), the US Dems, every single (elected) party in Canada, and… where does it end?

Is there any leftish party or media business left on the planet that meets these new ideological standards? Or any party or media business of any sort that opposes the Don but still somehow meets these new ideological standards?


I think you should stop trying to tell me what I think and having these imaginary conversations with yourself where you get to misrepresent me. Your constant efforts for portray me as a far right wing supporter as you do here by suggesting I am rejecting all news outlets other than Fox are not going unnoticed.

Fox, I have noted their political bias on many occasion, I suggest if you want my opinion you ask for it and not just project what you think is good for your arguments sake.

The better question I think is to ask you if the MSM has been acting in a way that is beyond reproach or ask you if the Democrats in the US are not worthy of a healthy dose of criticism?


Nah, most of the real radical extremist left isn’t reported because of stupid. I mean, Breitbart and Alex Jones or whoever that guy is or Inforwars will put up videos of violent antifa, or yelly screamy liberals, but no “respectable” left swinging news network, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC will touch that kind of douchebaggery. They ain’t the progressive base, these dirty hippy knobs; not the ethereal, shifting, gelatinous liberal base…which now cares less about reuniting migrant rugrats with their mommies than it does with evicting unborn babies from their womb because of freedom.

It is easy to discount Right criticisms of the left, however, there is more to go around. The chick on the Daily Show recently bashed CNN for their Brady Bunch slagfests. And if one reads the daily papers, one will find much lefty on lefty reflection. They last about as long as a mouse fart, but they are there. Just follow The Fat Man Who Makes Movies. His biggest selling point is Trump 2020 because the left is letting it happen. He gross, yo.


Really? I imagined your explanation that the entire Canadian parliament is opposing Donnie because it’s brainwashed by the “deranged and hateful” msm or at least catering to voters who are?

Your constant efforts for portray anyone who opposes the Don as a far left wing supporter as you do here by suggesting they (and I) are all deranged are not going unnoticed.

Back at ya, fwiw.

The better question I think is to ask you if the MSM has been acting in a way that is beyond reproach or ask you if the Democrats in the US are not worthy of a healthy dose of criticism?

Why ask me? What have I ever done to support any party? As for msm, yes I post Steve Paikin interviews once in a while, and Alec’s Donnie impressions, and a few other things, mostly comedy. So what?

You didn’t notice the part where I said I pity Hillary voters as much as I pity Donald voters?

“Take everything with salt and salt with water” means nothing to you?

I am at the point of seriously wondering if it is possible people deliberately can’t understand or if they are deliberately being obtuse.

I don’t think you’re being deliberately obtuse. I just think you failed to notice the sugar-and-artificial-color-and-flavor powder someone slipped into your tea, old chap. :tea: :dizzy_face: :doh: :idunno:


There is a hatred of Trump in Canada as well as the UK. It’s been nurtured by the media, of course there are his supporters too. There is a balloon of baby Trump flying in the air in London.

Im not saying don’t be critical, but you don’t seem to recognize the hate and fear generated by the MSM and Trumps opponents (of which are many). Hate and fear is what the Democrats have been using now quite effectively to divide various groups, amplify any legitimate fear they might have and generate hate.

I think I will give you other peoples take, since you can’t recognize what I am saying with the added note, I generally agree with them, but they don’t represent my views 100%.

I’m sure someone will reply without addressing anything he brings up in substance and say #walkaway is Russian bots.:roll_eyes:


The Dems are soo powerful, they have taken over the party up north that Stephen spent a decade rightifying. Dems are the new… :speak_no_evil: :hushed:

I’ll watch your Scott video tomorrow (this time for sure) and get back to you.


A very interesting discussion about Trump by two academics, one liberal, one conservative.


In the Brexit thread a week or two ago I posted some articles that explained the Russia-Germany gas deal and the construction of a new pipeline through the sea even against the will of other EU member states.
It looks like the God Emperor lurks here.


Is there any party that denies the laws of physics and still meets these new ideological standards?


TL,DW: The Dems are manipulating by fear, and not the same kind of fear Trump uses. They manipulate Americans into hating and fearing each other. Some former loyalists are getting disgusted and leaving.

It’s a consequence of too many hysterical predictions of evil not coming to pass. They can’t keep everyone’s con forever.


Old news. Very few Dems were happy about Clinton getting the nomination last election.


This is for a different reason.

It seems there are a number of reasons to leave that party.


On point. Trumps fear is the others.
Dems fear is more realistic.


The Dems are afraid of their own shadow.


And rightly so, as anyone familiar with Jung will tell you.


The parallel universe in which that is true has been disintegrating for a couple of years now. It won’t last long. Best jump ship now. #WalkAway while you can.


You mean like all the people comparing Trump to Hitler and Mussolini ? Yeah, totally realistic.


Maybe there is. That doesn’t mean I was imagining anything when you said hatred and derangement are responsible for Canadian unity.

I think I will give you other peoples take, since you can’t recognize what I am saying with the added note, I generally agree with them, but they don’t represent my views 100%.

I’m sure someone will reply without addressing anything he brings up in substance and say #walkaway is Russian bots.:roll_eyes:

Is the “someone” comment directed at me? I believe in Discobot and robots in general. If you want conspiracy bots, I will agree that they exist, but I’m skeptical about their relevance so far. Jotham was once our resident expert on the subject, you know… :smile:

To paraphase Scott in the video:

I said Trump was going to punch a whole in the fabric of the universe, so you would realize, oh wow, I’m in a bubble!

If you spent your whole life not knowing what a bubble is until Donnie came along, either you’re young, or you drank too much Koolaid. This is perfectly normal, of course, when a country lets its education system crappify beyond reason.

Donnie wants you to fear something real – MS13! :scream: But Dems want you to fear something fake – danger from your fellow citizens! :unamused: And we’re not even allowed to say “fellow” anymore, are we?

Of course MS13 is real. So are mass shooters. So are neo-Nazis. So are people who communicate like this:

And so on, and so on…

Of course most Texans are not assholes. Most gun owners are not mass murderers. Most, um, white people are not neo-Nazis. And most immigrants – even most illegal immigrants – are not MS13. No-one needs to imagine these issues, because they already exist.

So, Scott applies a double standard, and then he tops it off by insinuating that Dems are as extreme on transgender issues as their opponents want them to be.

They said Trump would tank the economy. Not true.
They said Trump would blow up the world. Not true.
They said he wouldn’t get anywhere with North Korea. Not true.
They said he would round up gays and put them in concentration camps.

We’ve been over this before (maybe even in this very thread?), without Scott cherry picking his predictions-about-predictions.

That Donnie would be bad for the economy in general, yes, many people said that. He came in at the right time, i.e. the opposite of Barry’s situation in 2008. A lot can happen in 8 years, or even 6.

What is Scott’s point about world war and North Korea? A few months ago, “fire and fury” was the official line, and @rowland was telling us the war was inevitable and anyone who opposed it was siding with the NK elite (who would mostly escape to China anyway, though Rollo avoided that point). Now that the official line is all about beach condos, whose prediction turned out to be wrong? (This is for another thread, of course. I’m just pointing out that Scott’s argument is not as solid as he thinks it is.)

As for “rounding up gays”, how many people actually said that? If you look hard enough on the interwebs, you can find a “they” for anything. The general prediction was that Donnie would promote an agenda of at least freezing and, to whatever extent would be possible, reversing the results of LGBT activism in recent decades, plus encouraging boldness among anti-LGBT groups. That has so far turned out to be true. (Ivanka & Jared allegedly stopped him from going further. Sounds completely plausible. :2cents:)

Continuing the paraphase:

What if there were no opinionated voices in the media? Just objective reporting about Trump! :rainbow: But by failing to be objective, the media have become participants in the stories they report on! :astonished:

Why do we need editorials at all? Why can’t we all just be 100% objective? Physicists have also tried to be 100% objective in their observations of tiny particles, but they keep telling us it’s just not possible.

Scott’s argument here would make sense if he changed to “please be more objective”, but the way he phrases it, it comes across like a complaint that the sun doesn’t always shine.

Because of media bias, people are unhealthy, unhealthy, unhealthy. Did I mention unhealthy, unhealthy?

Yeah, way to make a point. Complain about lack of objectivity and then abandon any semblance of objectivity yourself.

Scott’s idea is not new. The way he spins it is not new either: those who oppose us are mentally ill. Think about all the contexts, historical and modern, in which you’ve heard that before.

The funny thing is, leftish people have also been complaining about the media making people – people in general, not just rightish people – unhealthy. Leftish media have even been complaining about bubbles, though probably not enough.

Donnie said he was going to deport 14m people. Public pressure stopped it from happening. Public pressure also stopped the kids in cages thing.

I’m not sure what his point is here: public pressure is good, or public pressure is bad? Or public pressure is a thing, good or bad? :idunno:

Chuck and Nancy are not afraid. You can tell, because when you look at them saying they’re afraid, it doesn’t show. When you look at ordinary people saying they’re afraid, they’re writhing with fear.

That’s a bizarre argument. Anyone with a discernible degree of self control has no actual emotions. :neutral_face: What does he think of “inscrutable Asians”?

His main point here is that certain politicians are playing the X card and the Y card for PR reasons. Of course they are, whether they’re good actors or not.

The subtext, of course, is the Dems are the ELITE! trope. All you really need to know about that can be found in the old quotations from Donnie & Hillie about how much they like each other. :money_mouth_face: :heart: :money_mouth_face: