The narratives about Trump thread.


Stormy? More like tempest in a teacup. :sunglasses:

But kudos for having the patience to look at that many Time covers (fake or not). You have a stronger stomach than me (and I used to work for those clowns).


Hey! you called me out and it wasn’t to comment on Time magazine, I thought the larger topic was bias. Your comment about equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome seemed to me you wanted to discuss what is fair and what is not. So I noted a development in the Mueller probe, which is increasingly seen as blatantly biased, handing out immunity for Clintons crooked friends and allies while kicking down doors at 5am and throwing people to solidarity confinement if they are associates of Trump.

Anyway, best not to call me out for my :2cents: , if you are just going to tell me to shut up and that you have no interest in what I am adding. Kind of rude, IMO.


Absolutely,:joy: YYY Let us all keep things at a higher level of discourse.


YYY, I respect the fact that you actually make points which are relevant . I even agree with many…there , I said it. Looking at the current state of discourse in The USA ( Whoopi and Co, as a recent example), it seems very hard to find the possibility of sane debate with the Left/ If they were willing to discuss the many failings of Marxism and Socialism etc, that many support, I would welcome that. Not all the Left are as portrayed in the video, just far too few to change the Dems direction.
It seems easier to just express Political views in terms of Memes , albeit lazy.


Oh no, fb. :frowning_face:


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It was media bias, specifically Doc’s complaint that Time’s coverage of Trump is more negative than its coverage of Obama. Sorry if my bank robbery analogy threw you off.

I was hoping you would apply your cynicism about Justin’s gender balanced cabinet policy to Doc’s complaint that two very different presidents should get the same level of favorable coverage in the media. If equality of outcome is socialism, equality of outcome for presidents is “socialism for the rich”, as Gore would say.

(Not that Gore, the other one.)


That’s because they were British :joy:


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As far as I am concerned Time, just like everyone else is free to publish whatever it feels like. If it’s overly biased, then so what? That’s up to them.

The recent coverage of Trumps Helsinki meeting with Putin comes to mind, the virtual meltdown of the MSM and parallels drawn with Pearl Harbour to 911 and suggestions of treasonous behavior by Trump. You would have to be pretty dense to take any of that seriously.

The fact is there are plenty of sources of information, these publications and cable news channels don’t have the kind of influence they used to and for those that are interested there are plenty of more balanced articles. With regards the Russia meeting with Trump and overall comparison of what Obama was doing vs what Trump is doing, This article by Mikheil Saakashvili the former president of Georgia and as a target of the Russians certainly no fan of Putin is informative.

As for Justin from Canada, I believe last week he was doing the rounds assuring everyone a deal on NAFTA was imminent any minute now. While at the same time Trump’s officials were saying they were just about done signing a deal with Mexico and would then move on to a deal with Canada. i.e. NAFTA is dead. At some point Justin will need to reconcile this, which was my main point in bringing up NAFTA, not assigning blame.


Pretty amazing that Trump withstood a media onslaught (insert Russians in WWII Berlin firing point-blank, over the sights of their artillery metaphor) for 5 consecutive days.

The push by the Democrat media was intense, to say the least. All out attempt to frame Trump as a traitorous, Manchurian president.

Result? Trump tweets on Saturday morning about NFL protests … and once again commands the news cycle in the Democrat press.

Amazing times we live in.


Not really, considering at least half the country (myself included) doesn’t believe a word they say.




not really Trump related, but it made me lol


Makes sense to me. It’s all about the redistribution of wealth.


Everybody wants to redistribute someone else’s wealth. Nobody wants to redistribute his own. Understand this, and you will understand politics.


On topic, in a meta way: