The narratives about Trump thread.


And yours too, apparently. :wink:


cute. tried to wank to Ivanka once, horrible idea.


Did she slap you, or pour a drink in your face…or both?



Well, it appears that some Democrat supporters of Pocahontas are willing to wage rhetorical and political war on the Cherokee Nation.

Their sin? A while back a Cherokee genealogist released a genealogical study into Lieawatha’s family tree. Because the Cherokee are a relatively wealthy tribe (casinos), they rely on considerable genealogical expertise to investigate claims on tribal wealth.

The Cherokee concluded that, not only does she have no Cherokee ancestors, but that she has no Native American ancestors at all.

Needless to say it doesn’t pay to outflank Democrats determined to save the Presidential chances of a famous contributor to Pow Wow Chow. These Democrats are not in a happy place with the Cherokee Nation at this time.

A cavalry attack by the 7th Cavalry of Keyboard Democrats may be imminent. Stay tuned.


this is far more artistic, those curtains are cool.


I actually like Bill’s taste better than Trump’s.




one name… Monica


Bill likes gals with meat on their bones.


corn-fed heffers




you’re a disgrace for mankind!


That was fun.


That’s a US$20,000 手術 shit-eating grin on her Communista face. wow


That’s not fair. Bill can’t stand Hillary. :sunglasses:

I also think Melania is kind of creepy looking.


Your hateful behavior towards first ladies who actually look like women will not be tolerated any further.


The only first lady I find hot is Frances Cleveland. :grin:


a necrophiliac in our midst


And that’s a good thing. Because diversity is our strength.


Dead first ladies are an untapped resource, so to speak.