The narratives about Trump thread.


Well, it hasn’t hurt Nike, so I think the jury’s still out on that one. And anyway, the main target market for ice cream is 300-pound SJWs.


McDonalds should do a version on their chicken nuggets with this face.


Guess CNN doesn’t use the other metaphor - the other shoe is about to drop - one so ridiculed at WaPo that they stopped using it.

Like the bombshell that shoe never dropped. Not once.

I can’t wait until I can dance on the graves of once great American news purveyors like CNN and WaPo. Those orgs really need to go down hard.


The political party of peace?


Posting this because I thought there were some interesting views ( from a Liberal author) on some of the issues that divide us . It’s just an opinion and it really is a non partisan post.
The title is a bit misleading, but it is a liberal to liberal advice piece , as opposed to pure criticism.


What happened to @fredsmith ? I thought he would relish the opportunity to weigh in on the current political situation. Arbo-really dead?


Just watch this:


Great Atwater-style ad! Has the Dims really pissed off!


Jesus, project veritas is really activating some almonds right before the mid terms.


Project Veritas is what happens when the Democrat media goes all in against the GOP and ignores Democrat candidates. PV is actually doing the investigative journalism that the Democrat media refuses to do - but never mind, wants full credit for doing it anyway.

Gillum in Florida, Sinema in Arizona, Beto in Texas, and PV’s jackpot investigation for 2018: Claire McCaskill in Missouri. The GOP may keep the Senate thanks in no small part to James O’Keefe.

The icing on the cake is to watch O’Keefe be vilified by Democrats, who universally view him as an odious, deplorable, muckraking, libelous scoundrel. In other words, a journalist. NPC’s the lot of 'em.


Trump should share that video about beta’s crew. Just a few days he was showing his support to Cruz, and sharing this video would allow him to go on one of his media ass-blasting rampages.


The media calls out Trump on his dark rhetoric.


Yep, they don’t leave you much room morally.

No way anybody can debate with or compromise with or work with “evil.” If someone or something is evil, then by definition you must destroy it. Evil cannot coexist with humanity.

But, I mean that said. Obviously President Trump’s language is behind all the angry civic discourse given Americans by CNN. He sets the tone, after all. Pfffft. Not even debatable. :roll:


What they don’t realize is that Trump is Sauron. All that dark rhetoric from the left just makes him stronger.




heard a new nickname for him,

Agolf Twittler.

Pretty funny.


I’ve beem reading lots of comments online about trumps America not being safe for Jews, he’s anti Semitic, he is to blame for the shooting at the synagogue. Do people not realize his ex was Jewish, his daughter is Jewish, most his grandchildren are Jewish along with other family members.


I heard his dog whistle was made by children in a factory owned by a man who had a Jewish accountant…

Trump is a billionaire, they don’t have any real hatred towards anyone, they lack empathy towards everyone.

Trump knows his bread is buttered with conspiratards and racists. They do his bidding online, a lot of his voters are just regular folk who want to make more money, but his vocal supporters, they are all either:

1-on the take $$$
2-conspiracy retards
3-alt right bigoted types
4-unfuckable white males with hard ons for Jordan Peterson
5-Murica Murica Murica mouth breathing flag waivers


People take their lead from the MSM, who give them talking points. The logic behind this one is Trump encourages white supremacy, white supremacists are Nazi’s, Nazi’s hate the Jews, so any rise in hate crimes against Jews must be Trumps fault. Some people buy it which is why people repeat it online, doesn’t mean they are very smart, doesn’t mean they are particularly dumb either.

The reason is, the people shaping the narrative is the MSM and they are smart, smarter than your average online poster anyway. But they are very two faced and only care about a particular minority when they can use it to their advantage.

I have been following a rise in antisemitism for the past 10 years or so, as a consequence of identity politics.

May I ask you @Andrew0409, if I could take you back in time to the days when you were in University, which I know are quite recent. If you had asked the average person, I’m not sure the conversation even came up. But what would have been peoples reactions when talking about Israel and the Palestinians?