The narratives about Trump thread.


or maybe the people Trump courted votes from to take over the GOP are bad fucking people? he let a lot of scum in, the deplores bit was not off mark.

The whole ‘Jews will not replace me!’ crowd is VERY pro Trump.

Trump dog whistles to them all the time.

The whole nationalism/nationist bit just last week.

Or are we still believing that the guy who has the best words keeps misspeaking?

Lets just have smart people on the right constantly make excuses for him and his 10s of thousands of lies.

Look what he does about Latinos - demonizes them
Arabs, Muslims - demonizes them

The people who support him feel the same way about Jews, and there is no Jared corollary, he is just the Juden fucking prime white meat with Trump DNA.


Try and lift your game Wonky. You can do it, I just saw you make the joke “Agolf Twittler.” Good one Wonky, the joke is not in and of itself calling him Adolf Hitler, you used a play on words. Took you 2 years to come up with it, but baby steps.


Reading is fundamental, Mick. Even in Ireland.


heard a new nickname for him,

Agolf Twittler.

Pretty funny.

God bless Taiwan.


These Trump rallies are really getting huge.


Yes it was funny…good show.


:rofl: Wonky just edited his own post talking about my reading comprehension and his joke. Seems he just got his own joke.


what a shitshow our country has become.

pep rallies where people chant hatred.

God bless Taiwan.


tried to comment again and ended up overriding my response to you.



That would be a good description of the far left …excellent WW


that is the error in the whole Trumptard, conspiratard, alt right trinity and their motivation.

It only makes sense when they portray the entire left as collegiate gender neutral protesters.

Its like someone on the left making every right winger a Klansman.

History will rue these times.


You do realise that you are doing exactly the same thing…I hope you can see that? Genuinely. Globalism and Socialism is a far worse option to me. So many Alinski-esque ideas around ,


It’s the beginning of the end.


The average person would probably know little to none about it. Let along have much of an opinion. Unless they were Jewish or from the Middle East.


Thanks @Andrew0409, the reason I asked is because sometimes what is staring at us in the face isn’t understood. The Jewish community noticed alliances forming in the Democrat party, black lives matter and womens issues a long way back (Linda Sarsour for exmaple), Democrat policy had been to avoid linking terrorist acts to extreme Islamic fanaticism and they were trying to woo the Muslim vote.

This is an interesting exchange, the question the women asks is never addressed because the women is wearing a Hezbollah scarf. The average person might not get the significance, but a Jewish person gets it. Wait till right at the end when he asks her if she is for or against rounding up all Jews and putting them all in Israel so it would be easier to kill them all.


“If I say something I’m sure I’ll get arrested for reasons of homeland security”

At least she’s aware of the fact her ideas are terrorist diarrhea, kudos to her.


“For it or against it?” (allowing all Jews to gather in Israel so that Hezbollah doesn’t have to hunt them down to kill them all)
“For it.”

Good lord. She didn’t learn a thing from Goebbels, evidently. She gets knocked down a few pegs for expressing openly her support for the mass murder of Jews, but she gets a few points for honesty I guess.


I don’t blame the average person for not getting it, the MSM avoids topics like this like the plague. Even if one were to dive into the Israel/Palestinian relationship, you couldn’t do it very quickly or easily.

But simple facts from the Obama administration would be that his policies (empowering Iran for example, a sworn enemy of Israel) were not favorable to Israel. Trump’s policies have been more pro Israel than any President in my living memory (moving the Embassy to Jerusalem for example).

Again, the MSM know this, they accuse Trump of boogeyman rhetoric with regards the caravan of people marching towards the USA, yet in the very next breath invoke boogeyman rhetoric of their own with White Nationalists, Nazi’s and anti antisemitism.

I dare say if you asked an Israeli what they thought of Trump they would say he’s a dick, speaks without tact or eloquence or even empathy. But they like his policies.


Not exclusive to Israelis. I think most Republicans would say the same. I know I would.



Absolutely heretic.


I’ve seen that video.

It’s scary to see these people live among us.