The narratives about Trump thread.






But Trump is unique as a magnet for grifters, climbers and self-promoters, in part because decent people won’t associate with him.

Libs like Goldberg crack me up.

You can’t aid the Democrat party in doing “whatever it takes” (make shit up) to block the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and then three months later blithely polish your pince-nez while declaiming some exclusive definition of decency in American politics. Laughable.


Okey, this is one thing the government of California is doing right.


keeping this thread up due to the explosive results of the mueller investigation.


Those guys are a joke, it seems after 18 months and coming up with diddly squat, they are now going with, make shit up. Jerome Corsi just filed complaint that Mueller was pressuring him to lie, Manafort made a deal but then had it taken back because he wasn’t saying what the Mueller team wanted and Roger Stone is complaining about Mueller making stuff up.

Let’s not get started on General Mike Flynn, Obama team illegally spy on team trump for over a year (dragging in five eyes intelligence to do the dirty work), fraudulently submit a FISA application that allows them to spy on the entire Trump team. Obama kicks out some low level nobody’s from a Russian irrelevant post which results in the Russian ambassador calling Flynn (while he is conveniently out of the county) which of course they are listening in on. Interview him and both agents conclude he is telling the truth, yet Mueller charges him with lying to the FBI anyway, and when he objects tries to nail him with obscure never enforced laws like the Logan act and threatens to go after his son. Financially ruining someone who served his country faithfully for over thirty years. For what? Because he spoke to a Russian (after the election) because Obama kicked a bunch of Russians out.

Those people cheering on from the other side should really take a hard think, are you on the right side of all this.



you guys know that as soon as Bolsonaro is in power we’ll get daily reports from “”“independent”"" media explaining how he’s an evil Nazi, right?
I wonder if we’ll need its own thread, or if maybe we could rename this one to “The narratives about Trumps”.

I’m a bit disappointed that the #resist crowd got blueballed so hard by mueller. Really low energy. Sad!


I’m beginning to think they actually like the idea of a police state.


When I was a kid/teenager, all the people who considered themselves proud socialists/communists were all like:“Power to the people!”. Now it’s more like:“Power to the state and large corporations!”.

I’ve listened to the boss of apple making his stunning&brave speech in which he explained that it’s a moral duty for them to censor “problematic people”, and folks were cheering. -___-’


This morning:




Trust CNN to have a click bait title. From the article.

The phones covered by the ban make up about 10% to 15% of current iPhone sales in China, according to Daniel Ives, analyst at Wedbush Securities.

Yeah, 10 to 15% of iPhone sales is not most of the iphone sales. The article does go on to say it is referring to most iPhone models and doesn’t include newer models and I read somewhere else, Apple is claiming it is only on older OS, so not sure in the grand scheme of things how much they care.

The bigger picture seems to be court rulings going back and forth not just between Apple and Huawei, but between Qualcomm, NXP and no doubt others.


Just noticed this. Trump has a sit down with Chuck and Nancy. Pence looks on not saying a word like Trump used to do in the apprentice, only then he would have his daughter or someone else being the passive attendant.

I can get why many don’t see the funny side of this, Charles Schumer on the other hand got it and gave some good one liners about Trump having four Pinocchio’s and almost cracks up when in reply to Nancy’s complaint this circus wasn’t being done more privately says “this is transparency”, if only he had said what I know he must have been thinking “No Mr President, this is reality TV” I would have given him the win.


What I find amusing is that both sides are spinning this as a big win for their side.


It’s not over yet, so let’s wait and see who wins. Nancy and Chuck were arguing from know facts from what has happened or could be plausibly be denied. Trump was making points about things that have yet to happen.

What I mean is, Nancy was adamant Trump couldn’t know the Senate wouldn’t vote down a measure to fund the wall, because it hasn’t happened yet, I suspect that will be now put to the test.

Trump’s big liner, he is going to shut down the Government was well rehearsed enough, that instead of continuing to talk to Chuck, he pauses and looks to the camera before saying “I’m going to shut down the Government”.


Yes. He’s made a big bet on immigration, and seems pretty confident that he’s on the right side of the issue.




" Trump Reacts To Judge Ruling Obamacare Unconstitutional: ‘Great News For America!’"

Oh yeah, especially for many in his base!


It’s great for anyone who couldn’t/didn’t want to pay for obomocare and was forced to pay a fine disguised as a tax. The fact that it was considered constitutional in the first place is mind blowing.


I didn’t have to pay it, but it gave me more aggravating paperwork to deal with at tax time.