The narratives about Trump thread.


Seems like the wall around Obama’s house was also metaphorical. What a liar Trump is! He can’t stop lying even when it’s totally irrelevant. It’ll be totally unsurprising when he’s indicted for something.


lol. Took Trump and Repubs to do this.
ChiComms must be seething some more.


But there’s no need for him to be honest about Obama’s house. It’s not against the law. His supporters don’t care, and fudging the height of the wall surrounding Obama’s house has resulted in punching through the MSM and now all Americans, even those on the left, realize that Obama’s house is indeed surrounded by a wall. In this case a minor fib results in greater awareness of Democrat hypocrisy.

He ran on ‘not your father’s president’ - and won. So he never gets credit for doing the right thing; what is actually reported is almost always some small mistake he or his staff made while completely ignoring his doing the right thing.

Who would know that Obama’s house is surrounded by a wall if Trump hadn’t fudged its height?


I expect leaders to adhere to more than just the bare minimum, i.e. just because its not illegal doesn’t mean it is okay.

I wonder who it says more about, the president or his supporters, when things seem to be okay just because “Its not against the law”


Yours is a common misreading of current American politics.

The pertinent question is, “What does it say about the president’s enemies when things seem to be ok just because ‘It’s not against the law?’”


Not sure what your point really is. Are you going for the gang rape defence, everyone was doing it so its okay ?




Was it Maxine Waters going around for the past 2 years shouting “impeach 45” that gave it away? Or maybe every member of the Democrats chewing at the bit ready to get a piece of Trump, or perhaps the never Trump Republicans like Romney who is writing editorials bashing trump before he’s even in the Senate that telegraphed this move.

No one will be surprised, they are certainly going to try.


the washington post surely picks their guest writers with care.


Trump tweeted this to poke fun at Miss Pocahontas.



None of the persons you mentioned can indict anyone.

You sure you are not confusing indict with impeach ? These are two very different things.


You’re right, I was thinking of impeach. First up will be Trumps layer to testify to the House. There is something very wrong with this picture and those cheering on the swamp/big brother when a guys lawyer is part of the take down. Whatever, those cheering it on might as well get a tee shirt “we love big brother” and stand outside hearings to impeach cheering “go swamp go” and “we are the swamp”.


now i want to see #jesuisSwamp trending on twitter.


Which lawyer is that ? You mean Cohen ?

Cohen is under no obligation to provide testimony on privileged information, but not all of his dealings with trump are.


If that’s the best he’s got, she’s in pretty good shape. I guess he’s going to hammer it into the ground (like he hasn’t already) because he can’t actually take her on any relevant issues.

As for the swamp: meh. Trump just replaced one swamp with another far worse swamp. Better the devil you know and all that.

And if anything illegal happened with Cohen and Trump, that’s not privileged. Crime-fraud exception.


if only he picked the better version…


Maybe he doesn’t want to reveal his true power level…sneaky Potus!


Which relevant issues are they? Do tell, perhaps send a copy to the Democrats, because it seems to me they don’t have an agenda aside from calling people names.


The economy, defense, jobs, housing, whatever. Why do you need me to make a list for you?

Like Pocahontas? Those pesky Democrats and their name calling. :roll_eyes:


Because you are not making sense, the economy is fine, jobs are in the best shape ever, I don’t know about housing, but you think these are the strong points for Democrats? The best they have is to claim the good shape of these things is on the back of Obama, a flimsy claim at best, some merit to it, but 2 years in, and looking at the figures closely its a cheap claim.

Seriously, what are they going to run on? Open borders? Sanctuary cities? You made the claim he can’t beat a Democrat on relevant issues. What issues are you talking about?


I’m guessing that you weren’t around when Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were at peak power.