The narratives about Trump thread.


Not even close. You’re not getting the “Republican led” part of that



Which government workers impacted by this shutdown provide necessary services to Americans? Who has died from a dearth of government services?

I learned to love coffee when the best coffee available was Folger’s from the grocery store. I spent about twenty years drinking “upscale” Folger’s and only resorting to next-best Maxwell House when the grocery store was stocked out.

Starbucks is way better than Folgers, trust me.


Very sad , whomsoever voted that way , unless I am missing something ?


Kind of like the confederacy during the civil war in the US?


you understand little of states rights with that conclusion


Thanks for this one, gave me a good laugh.

I guess all is relative, so not really necessary in the survivalist sense of the word. But, just to throw out some examples, employees at the Coast Guard, Secret Service and federal prison guards.

But, okay, whatever the above services are not necessary :thinking:




Why do the numbers in your picture not reconcile with the source!/vizhome/PedoArrests/PedoArrests ?

Interesting also that UK had roughly the same amount of arrests as California, and California seems to be an outlier in the amount of arrests, 3 times more arrests than the state with the second most which was Florida which still seems a bit high when adjusted for population.

Any idea why that is ?


Only noting that the vote split Dems but only a couple of Pubs voted against.


Happy 943rd birthday to Hadrian, a leader who knew how to get a wall built.




There’s an easy explanation: Sdrumpf’s dictatorship promotes human trafficking and there’s been a huge increase in the amount of people who decide to try that career, and the least smart of them get caught!

“Easy explanation” by salon/buzzfeed/huffpost standards, of course.


There is a discrepancy between the stats in the picture and the underlying data, as I pointed out earlier.

It might be that the picture is inaccurate, I suggest you check the tableau link as well, instead of just looking at the pic

@ctaitung, could you explain this ?


I agree with @morran01 , we must check , otherwise it will become like CNN, MSNBC etc . :hugs:


I am still surprised that , as so many are petrified at the possibility of “Russian Collusion” ,that nobody seems at all interested…unless it involves Trump.
Why would you not look further into this ? Oh wait …


what Should they look in to ? Is there any indication or suspicioun the persons mentioned in the article broke the law ?

And besides, maybe this gets looked in to after the trump campaign, the government has limited resources so they must prioritise


Many suspicions , even in that article . I guess if I watched the MSM, I too may have no reason to suspect …pretty obvious what is going on . Don’t mind investigations of anyone if they make sense , but anyway , let’s hope everything comes out in the end.


That cuts both ways.


You mean we should give Trump a pass for his crimes against humanity committed on direct order from the Kremlin just because there’s no proof of that?

How very convenient for you, Rowland…or maybe should I say comrade Boris Rowlandiski?



What do you mean everything comes out in the end ? Isn’t the mueller investigation limited to the trump campaign and any crimes uncovered while investigation the campaign ?

Or you mean in the end, as in the next in investigation after this one is concluded ?