The narratives about Trump thread.


More baloney. MSM blah blah blah, Clinton blah blah blah. Next you’ll be telling me about the deep state while telling me Clinton ran things.


You can do better than this. I mentioned before the thing that rubs me the wrong way is not disagreements of opinion, those I can respect. It’s a rejection of reality.

Tell me illegal immigration is a non issue in Taiwan, I believe you! Or Japan, same. Not in the EU or USA, there it most certainly is an issue.

I’m not making arguments about what to do about it, or if in the USA it meets the level of an emergency, I don’t know. I don’t know about the issues in South America, I know they have issues.

You are sick of people complaining about the MSM. Well I’m sick of the media pushing stupid bullshit. Example after example, Jussie Smallett, stupid bullshit. You caught that one, good for you. Covington kids, stupid bullshit. The idea the border issue is “no issue” or downplaying it to the point of being like McD’s having their milkshake machine breaking down, is stupid bullshit.


We don’t have the same reality apparently! I exactly reject your reality, wholeheartedly.

Case in point. You’re detached from reality from my viewpoint.


Well ok, which part? Lets use the EU?

1 million refugees, is that not reality?
That those refugees become a contentious issue within a society? Is that not reality?
That a discussion about what do do about influxes of refugees is necessary?

What shape or form does your reality take? Can you articulate it? Or does it merely consist of you rejecting a reality I can observe and can articulate very clearly.


I said one thing–Trump’s emergency is a joke. Your only response is a host of fallacious reasoning.

EDIT: I said Trump is a joke too, fair is fair.


I got it the first time, seems we have gone full circle, this although not entirely accurate would sum up our exchange for me.


I’m glad you get it! It’s a joke. A blatantly self-serving and dangerous political maneuver by a desperate moron, a child who can’t get his way. I support A) stopping it politically and then using the normal means of our political system to handle the situation, and if that is not immediately possible, B) undoing whatever is done through it as a matter of principle as soon as is possible to avoid establishing a horrible precedent and get rid of the stench. Then the adults can start working on the problem as was intended to happen all the time. Not possible yet unfortunately.


Well done, you are able to articulate, I think you meant to say you oppose it politically but forgot to say you will oppose it through the judiciary also.

Pull down whatever is built? I get the symbology, going to keep going and tear down the 400 or 500 miles put up and approved by the Democrats?

You are over the hump, less than 2 years to go and you can have your rubber stamp president in office, wont that be a joy.


Obviously, just as it was obvious what I meant when I said it’s a joke. Everyone gets it.

What? No idea how you got that out of what I said.

No idea what you’re on about here either.


Sometimes old Mr. Trump can be so to the point. Like him or not.


you said.

The wall (or fence if you are into semantics)is being built now. I assumed you meant “as a matter of principle” and “to avoid establishing a horrible precedent and get rid of the stench” in an effort which must be righteous in “undoing whatever is done” that would include tearing down the “fence” going up.


Here are some of my own opinions and questions on the "Wall/barrier "

  1. For decades , both parties and past Presidents acknowledged the need for a barrier to stop the inflow of illegals.

  2. Anyone ( and millions have) can legally apply to the USA for a right to stay etc. It’s not about stopping legal immigration , as I see it .

  3. In 2006 , 50 Billion was set aside for the “Secure Fence Act”, a double wall fence that covered 700 miles of the border. GWB signed the bill, and Obama agreed to oversee the project. In 2011, Obama stated that the project was nearly complete. In fact only 36.3 miles of the 700, was done at that time. It was also not constructed as per the original purpose…eg, it was more like an anti-vehicle barrier and not efficient enough to keep people from crossing.

4.Apart from what happened to the money ( a side issue), everyone saw the problem of illegals and publicly spoke against it . It is obvious that people are paying coyotes/gangs to get across and its a terrible onus on those trying this way.
5. You only have to see the millions of DACA residents , to see what an abject failure previous Administrations were in tackling the issue. Seems to me if people really gave a sh#t about the victims, they should stop this and , maybe try and help the countries who are trying to emigrate .

So which illegal act will be ignored next ? the Law is clear . Presidents job is to uphold the Law. ( Even the ones made by previous Administrations)

Talking about “Racist” and “heartless” , is just totally irrelevant to the issue .
Just my opinion.


Exactly, the presidents job is to enforce the law.



if you’re into someone who’s been collecting news clippings on fake hate crimes or related stuff…




Not going up in the past, but as a result of this emergency decree.


It’s all Sblumpf fault: those people who pretended to be the targets of hate crimes felt intimidated by Sglompf’s hateful rhetoric. As a result of that, they lived in a constant state of fear due to the President’s constant racist, xenophobic and homophobic remarks.

Or something.

A quick 2016 vs 2019 comparison:

2016 fair media opinions:

2019 real world:


I wouldn’t worry about that, the media is either too stupid of willfully blind to notice Trump has already quite legally and in a way that should be bulletproof from legal challenges got anywhere between 5.5 and 8 billion dollars.

That’s before he gets round to touching any funds under this emergency decree, which there wouldn’t be any need to go to for at least a couple of years by which time there may be back a Republican majority and no need to use the emergency decree anyway.



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