The narratives about Trump thread

You link to a Wikipedia article that cites Gallup. It’s fun to go to actual sources (you can do that, you know?) to find out if what you said is anywhere near factual (as opposed to your ‘truth’).

On day 936 of Obama’s presidency he had an approval rating of 40%. On day 922, Trump is currently at 42%, precisely the same as Reagan during the same period. Rasmussen, who was far more accurate in the lead up to 2016, has Trump at a higher rating than Obama.

The fact that Trump, who is openly hated by the media, is even in the same ballpark is incredible and indicates a rock-solid base of support.

41 and 43 Bush were at 71% and 60%, respectively.


I don’t consider myself conservative, but because I hold some classically liberal beliefs, in today’s climate I’m pretty sure that makes me a white-supremacist, alt-right, nazi, skinhead…or at least any of these terms adjacent (e.g., alt-right adjacent).


At least in this thread. I mean, prove me wrong any time, buddy. But hey, great job on the 2.5% GDP growth figure and the tax cuts for billionaires that will leave future generations in debt, very well thought out! <\sarcasm>

No, Wikipedia. Do you know how the internet works? lol

False, surveys model the popular vote, they predicted Hillary would win, and guess what, she won by 3 million votes.
“Rasmussen’s polls were the least accurate of the major pollsters in 2010, having an average error of 5.8 points and a pro-Republican bias of 3.9 points "
" the least accurate pollster in the [2018 midterm elections] after stating Rasmussen had projected the Republicans to come ahead nationally by one point, while at the time Democrats were actually winning the national House vote by 8.6 points - an error of nearly 10 points.”

Honestly, kind of whiny, dude. Self improvement month: stop backing indefensible policies.

This is called wishful thinking. You’re correct that Trump’s base is “rock solid!”, but unfortunately for you it’s locked in that rock at roughly 42%. But don’t worry, you can keep pretending otherwise if it makes you feel better :slight_smile: P

On average Trump has the lowest approval of any president in the history of polling. But why don’t we just cherry pick Trump’s top approval and compare that to Obama’s lowest approval, I mean since we’re stroking your egos :joy:

Are you sure or do you mean his average approval ratings among likely black voters in California on Thursdays?

If Tulsi can stay the course and not get into diversity, trans, gender pay gap, people of color etc then I think yes that 42% might not be enough for Trump. Otherwise there will enough that cringe at the idea of an SJW in the White House and vote Trump when the curtain is closed.

These are the hard facts of life

Hard fact of life: SJWs aren’t a real issue outside the right-wing echo chamber.

Trump supporters put the wolf in the hen house (again), selling out America’s future, and that is a much more important issue.

Personally, I don’t think he has favorable odds against any of the Dem candidates. Since he can’t expand his narrow base, his only hope is to divide the Dem base with black propaganda and whining (hence this is what you see all day everyday across the internet including here). His fluke victory in 2016 was due to voter fatigue and record apathy, and both of these advantages have evaporated. 2020 will likely see sharp spike in turnout, as did 2018.

But I’m not inside the right-wing echo chamber and I can see how the radical PC crazed mob is f’ing up the whole show. How do you figure that?

Do not underestimate American apathy.


Bill Maher is in the right wing echo chamber?

No Maher is definitely not on the right. Neither is Piers Morgan or any one of millions of liberals who can’t stand the SJW mob

He won because he talked about what Americans care about the most. Jobs. He promised jobs. He has delivered on more jobs and continued a upward economy. So he will win again with the same formula. People don’t care about all the other issues when they can’t put food on the table.

Pretty much. Ideology is all nice, but honestly it’s more about paying bills.

The bookies would disagree with you, it was evens for a long time, but has drifted to 5/6 odds or even 8/11, which is trending in the wrong direction for you, but hey what do the professional book makers know.

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How so?

Imagine that, an AI algorithm that relies on actual speech and not the color of an author’s skin yet gets it wrong (ahem). :roll:

Shocking point #1, shocking that hate speech is hate speech no matter the skin color.
Shocking point #2, shocking that black English is frequently racist and is therefore “hate” speech.

Why is that we are so willing to be paralyzed by mere words?

Has Trump gone too far now? Was that tweet the tipping point? Are the walls finally closing in on him? Will he ever recover?

How could the management of the hill think that’s newsworthy…oh well, they probably got a fair bit of clicks out of that.


It almost definitely could be the beginning of the end. :sunglasses:

Unless something changes, there’s no way he’ll be reelected after this pachydermic debacle.

Trump right on the money with threats to label Antifa a terrorist group. That and his move few months ago to try do something about the hysterical radical left hate mobs on university campuses with his free speech initiative. The guy is way smarter than most give him credit for. He knows there are many on the left and in the middle (and those who don’t fit any category…IMPORTANT!) who loathe the radical left and it’s SJW Antifa mob

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