The narratives about Trump thread.


Actually quite clever.

Parallels between the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide, and even the Bosnian Genocide have been made with the various meat industries. Yeah, I’m one of them. Unapologetically so. I would not shed a single tear if the dairy and meat industries failed.

For humans, there is no biological, or logical reason to consume or otherwise use animal based products.


More like disingenuous. A critique of animal husbandry is as unoriginal as it gets, and trying to link it to “white supremacy” is just plain sleazy.


The only difference is the ends. If you replace the animals with humans, it is not that different. The critters are aware of their impending doom.

In Bosnia, people were rounded up and placed in animal pens. Fed like them, too. A far right group in Romania, the Legionnaires, rounded up Jews from from a ghetto and sent them through an automated slaughterhouse, including stamps to grade the meat.

Enslaved by others, babies ripped from mothers, forced to have babies, shitty living conditions, tagged and branded. Not too far a stretch I believe.


Tito owned the first Yugo and reportedly hated it.

On the 2nd October 1978, after a long period of anticipation, the first Yugo was officially shown to the public. Appropriately, first prototype was displayed and then donated to comrade Tito.


I’m not arguing engineering triumph of the Yugoslav auto industry. It is clear the only Europeans who can make cars are the Germans and Italians.


Just curious, Comrade, why do you almost never give sources for your quotations? I don’t doubt you have sources, but it makes sense to cite them.


And Wikipedia is not allowed. Well, not as a citable source.


Well, men have those testosterone levels to worry about. Unless they want to end up turning into “soy boys.”


:unamused: I have eaten soy for a 3rd of my caloric intake for over 20 years. Either tofu or milk. Half of my protein intake is from soy, as well. Doctors seem to think I am doing just fine. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As for protein (comes up in vegetarian discussions eventually) there is quinoa, wheat, buckwheat, brown rice, amaranth, chickpeas, lentils, beans, peas, sesame seeds, mushrooms, greens, sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, spinach, i am sure I have forgotten a few.

Also, Scott Jurek, John Salley, Salim Stoudamire, Mac Danzig, Patrik Baboumian to name a few are not too worried about their testosterone.



The US needs someone who can inspire people to face large problems, not distract people from them by driving a wedge between them. The problems of the can be gapped with math, science, and economics.

Anyone in the world in the world can be whatever they want with hard work. Education is so neat and is the key. People like Oswaldo Fadda and Alfred Marshall knew this. Education, especially super neat math and science education, helps close the gap of inequality and grow the middle class. It allots people the opportunity to be whatever they want. That is why community colleges are way neater than Ivy League schools. Community colleges are neat because anyone anywhere, can enroll, and work hard and be anything they want to be.

Education is also neat because it creates a middle class by raising peoples disposable income, so their marginal propensity to spend and save is rationally increased, this more money is allocated to stimulate the economy, and because the aggregate demand curve is changed in regards to its slope, the velocity, or rate at which money is spent, is increased, thus more money is injected into the macroeconomy faster, thus unemployment is decreased, because more money is being spent at a faster rather rate, through the simple spending multiplier, thus more opportunities will be created, and thus the real GDP will be increased. And more people will have more opportunities.

However, something RFK said, “the world cannot be judged in terms of just an GDP”. He is right. Education is so neat because you can learn whatever you want and be whatever you :slight_smile:


Ann Coulter isn’t generally known for her sense of humor, but I thought this tweet from her was pretty funny:


It’s funny, but aren’t liberals supposed to be pro-life (sentence) and conservatives pro-death (penalty)?


Slaughtering and eating turkeys is one of the few things both sides can agree on. I guess not liking turkey makes me a freak.


The real power in America has long resided in its politbureau, its presidency reduced to a figurehead position in charge of arranging the deck chairs at the White House, entertaining foreign dignitaries, pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys and submitting policy proposals to the politbureau for its final consideration. Trump though is apparently being stripped of even these ceremonial powers in order to teach him a lesson. That’s what’s meant by “living document.”

When it’s all over he’s going to be reduced to the @discobot of American politics.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


How the hell does a @discobot like one of your posts?

edit. @discobot of American politics.

edit2. damm


Enlightenment is a difficult, if not impossible, thing to explain so I’m not even going to try. Ask @discobot though. He may know the answer.


the silence is profound.


Well, that’s a first. Ghost in the machine?