The narratives about Trump thread.


It’s called “nuclear deterrence” for a reason. The threat has always been there…it’s just that Trump minces his words a little less. The only thing tinpot dictators like Kim understand is threats backed by military force.


This reminds me of the scene in the dictator when nuclear nadal tries to explain nuclear weapons. I don’t really want to hear the president say he has a bigger nuclear button…people know that’s not how it works right?


Nuclear deterrence has zero influence on Kim. If he sees his regime failing he knows he’ll face the same fate as Saddam or Gaddafi and he’s only a quick trip from the Chinese border. He’ll push the button, claim he was attacked first and scoot across the border into China. What’s the U.S. going to do then?


North Korea would become the biggest US army abse in the world.


Did he tell you that over tea? He’s got a pretty sweet setup the way things are, and I doubt he looks forward to a demeaning second-class existence at the beck and call of his Chicom overlords.


The US could put an 8th grader in the White House Oval office, it wouldn’t make a difference.


Repeat. If Kim’s regime is failing due to U.S. sanctions/pressure . . .


And China would allow that? China has a military alliance with the DPRK.


Says the man from the country with no effective government to speak of. :sunglasses:


It’s easy to praise how trump is handling NK when you aren’t in the draft age/ or enlistment age for when war comes. It’s also easy to talk about war when you dodged one.


By this logic, all wars should be avoided. The Nork problem is going to come to a head sooner or later. The question is when.


No, I’m not denying war is at times probably a necessary thing. I’m just pointing out it’s my generation that will fight this war if it comes. And I’m not cool with a president who dodged the draft possibly using twitter to start it.

Considering it’s half of my family and many friends in South Korea who are within combat age and some doing their conscription that will fight again to kill their own brothers. Considering it’s my friends in the US that will be sent to fight again after Iraq and Afghanistan. Considering it’s me who has to decide if I would enlist as well. This is not how I want a war to start. One president talking about his bigger nuclear button.


That’s Germany! :wink:


Wars don’t get started on Twitter. It’s against their terms of service.


Send those two into a cage 1v1 to the death and make it PPV. Use the money for like world hunger or something. Much better option.


I think you may have just found your ideal career: fight promoter. If you can set this one up, Don King will have nothing on you!


Id like to see th Vegas odds of that fight. My moneys on the child prodigy who could drive at the age of 3.


Don’t believe the hype. And think of Trump’s height and reach advantage! But if Kim gets Trump off his feet, all bets are off.


When Trump is on his back it’s just like a tortoise. And Kim is probably trained in a Korean martial art.


I think you need to consider the athletic pedigree of Un. His fathers a master golfer who shot 38 under par with 11 hole in ones.