The narratives about Trump thread.



Wait are people serious about Oprah running against trump? Wtf is going on in America.


That orange haired ratbag is going on.


Does it need to be sewage per se?


Why oprah? There surely has to be someone better. The presidency feel like a HS class president race where it’s just a popularity contest and they don’t actually do anything or can do anything anyways


There will be, but that’s the level we’ve sunk to, where it even seems possible. I think it’s insane too, but I’m sure she would at least comport herself with more decorum than a rabid hound trying to to get to a bitch in heat. That’s kind of a basic bar I try to hold things to in any situation.


Yes, the Democrats are totally serious about it. They’ve completely lost their minds.


I don’t think she’s had anyone challenge her thoughts in a long long time. Shes going to look foolish if she thinks her everyone wins free shit and make everyone feel good attitude is going to get crushed in a real debate. I’ve never liked her, I don’t find her to be sincere.


Isn’t that one of the qualifications? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think all that’s true, but she’s also not stupid. She’s probably aware of these things, and would make a serious attempt to prepare herself if she did decide to run. I’d be more worried about all the wacky progressive policies she’d try to put in place if she did get elected.



For God’s sake, Democrats–pick a governor or senator.


The District of Calamity has been a third-world country since it started electing crackheads like Marion “Mayor for life” Barry to manage its affairs.


If only Taiwan had a president like Trump we’d really sort this shithole out


If I understood the precise meaning of only and like, I could run for president.
Honestly, I would be, like, really smart. As a matter of fact, one of the goodest geniuses…

Only as in only Taiwan has a president like Trump and no other?
Then which shithole would be sorted out?
How about China? Are they going to pay for the wall?


Oh, it’s grating alright. :roll:


I for one take his word for it, cause as an a**hole he’s most likely a sh*thole expert.

And wakey, wakey, white low-income Trump supporters, he won’t say it, but I am pretty sure he thinks you are living in sh*thole neighborhoods too. And he is not going to try and clean up your areas. It’s evident to me that this man is a selfish rich prick who has no empathy for the less fortunate and is only concerned about himself, his family, and people like him, that is rich white folks. And he is dumb as f.


Poor, white deplorables have awakened to the fact that nobody cares about them but at least Trump doesn’t treat them like the enemy.


What is amazing is how such a tiny number of obscenely wealthy people have managed to control a democracy so successfully. Especially if some of them are dumb as f.

In 2020 we could have Trump, Winfrey, Zuckerberg in the running. It’s surreal. They might as well introduce a minimum net worth for running for president - say $1billion?


Fify. :construction_worker_man: :construction_worker_woman: