The narratives about Trump thread.


Trump will not work effectively with leaders of other countries.

If doing awkward press conferences counts as working effectively, then it’s fair. I still question how much he’s actually doing himself.

Yeah, so the ambassador to Panama just resigned and said Donnie made it uncomfortable for him to be there, and Donnie just canceled his visit to London and said it’s Obama’s fault :rant: because Barry didn’t sell the old embassy for a high enough price (which we’re not allowed to know).

Enjoy that Obamablame™ while it lasts! January 20th is coming soon. :popcorn:


Calling it now:
Warren, Winfrey 2020 dem ticket


He should be part of the campaign staff!


Hamlet I didn’t understand a word of that. Tell me a story…




President Trump wants more affirmative actions to help the African American community.
In his own words, this will be the biggest plan in history. He proposes free education, including college/University for all African Americans under the age of 25, whose parents earn less than 24 000 US$ annually.

That’s a big surprise, I must say!


What I don’t understand is all these Trump supporters living in Taiwan and having good healthcare and more, still complaining.


You meet a lot of these types do you? I don’t get out much


I think people need to get realistic if they want trump out. They can’t preach the same rhetoric on him when he won saying and acting the same way. I mean I thought he wouldn’t act like such a child even when he won, but still trump supporters don’t care, they probably like it. Democrats need to look deep and figure shit out, because he’s going to have another 4 years after this if they keep doing what they’re doing. I want to see a much better leader, but democrats are literally their own worst enemy right now and they don’t have the ability to step out of their own shoes to understand. These things that he’s saying and doing is what gave him the election, people need to dig deeper into his actual policies.


Thanks to the US’s weird election system.


Yeah it is weird. Although if I think if you really took a look at the electoral college and federalism with unbiased eyes. I can kind of see why keeping it for federalism is important, but at the same time abolishing it also makes sense. Its 50/50 for me. Although going by popular vote and abolishing the electoral college would benefit me more, i can see the arguements that it hurts the system or as well.


Not going to happen. For years people have been trained to consider Trump and his supporters as the absolute worst scum of the earth. Checking out his policies may lead some people to, gasp, agree with him and/or the GOP.
What all the media is doing now (apart from Fox, the Daily Caller and few others) is doubling down into the democrat’s “deplorables” strategy, hoping to change the minds of displeased Trump voters while retaining all the never Trumpers who are happy to click and share any article that talks shit about the Donald, the GOP and his voters.


From my own personal contact with people during this election. Trump supporters went out and voted in my “home” state of Texas. And when I asked if most of my friends from the east cost and west coast that opposed him, they really did not vote. The only way democrats might win using this method is finding a way to get people to actually go to the ballots.


The interesting thing about puritanocrats is that they’re doubling down on the incessant scolding, false virtue and lack of original ideas that got them where they’re at and expecting it to change things for the better for them.


Maybe this isn’t new to you - and if you lean left then you may disagree - but if you find yourself struggling to understand what’s happening then (maybe) your anger at Americans will go down a bit at this-

Democrats tend to take Trump (the man) literally but not seriously as President. Republicans tend to take Trump’s presidency dead seriously but do not take the man literally.

So while the liberal press - including the global press - go on and on ever more intensely about Trump’s shortfalls as a human while ignoring his policies, the Republicans tend to ignore Trump’s tweets and off-the-cuff statements and focus only on his policies.

Somebody will be around with a list of what he’s accomplished. Not a bad list for the first year, frankly. One of the house conservatives of the NY Times, David Brooks, pointed out last weekend that if Trump had never tweeted the past year, we Americans would regard his accomplishments highly and judge him a very successful president so far.

… I’ll just let the howling subside for a bit here as American Democrats are HIGHLY offended by this - you do hear that howling, right? - but I think Brooks has it about right.

Anyway, this ‘literal and serious’ chasm is behind why the US is talking past itself, at least for those who try not to be partisan. May not apply to partisans.



There are many of them, even on here. I think it’s down to a case of having one’s cake and eating it. Supporting gun ownership laws without having to live with significant gun deaths. Hating socialized medicine except when they need a cheap hip replacement. All balls no action, basically.


Were any of them Bernie Sanders supporters? When the commies spilled the beans on Clinton II and the DNC pulling a bimbo eruption move on BS during the primaries my guess is that’s what really caused II the election.


I’m pretty sure if puritanocrats living in Taiwan had to choose between the U.S. healthcare system and Taiwan’s the results would be unanimous.


Good healthcare? The people that think the public system in Taiwan is good (the private system is just ok) are usually the lumpenproletariat from other developed countries. :grin: Usually lower class Democrats from the US that are not used to really good systems but love to criticise the US system. :sweat_smile: If I ever got some nasty infection in Taiwan or terminal disease, I`d be heading for Bumrungrad in Bangkok or the American Hospital in Paris.