The New York State News and Politics Thread

Out with the old, in with the 79 year old white man!

Very good news, although not gonna be surprised if Fire Alarm Bowman revives his brand of identity politics in accusations leveled against his fellow New Yorkers in the days ahead and, of course, two years from now.

He and George Lopez should run a victim’s campaign.

More on the Bowman dismissal.

AIPAC’s Singular Ability to Remove Members of Congress (

I get why this might concern people. But, Bowman is kind of a lying scumbag. No big loss.

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LICity is blech enough as it is. Hot, crowded and loud. Yum yum.

Always the poorest areas that take in the most. Just like the UK.

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Tried sending them to Martha s Vineyard, but it didn’t take .

I’ve never understood why most Americans have no problem with a foreign country having so much power and influence over their nation’s internal affairs. I guess it’s just another one of the many signs of a decaying society.

They also have no problem with the US having so much influence over other nation’s internal affairs. In fact, they have come to expect it, as have the nations under our ahem – care.

I remember Iraqis having a big problem with the US interfering in their internal affairs.

First you talk about Americans then you talk about Iraqis. Pick one.

I taught many adult Iraqis from 2012-2015. They were grateful we went in and loved Bush to a man. Living under Saddam was unbearable.

I think Bowman’s biggest mistake was that he purposefully strove to separate himself from the party. Bowman was clearly pro-Hamas, alienating many Democrats in his district, and his conviction for the fire alarm incident embarrassed national Dems. In many other areas he just didn’t work hard enough at framing himself as a loyal Democrat.

I think that’s one reason (together with Bowman’s losing his primary) you see other members of the squad, including AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Cori Bush, currently saying nice things about President Biden while using the pronoun “we.”

They were grateful Bush caused the deaths of half a million Iraqi men, women, and children and bombed their country back to the Stone Age?

This is the New York news and politics thread, not one of your pet peeve morality discussions.

Not everyone fears or experiences death like you ott Christians. Saddam was way worse from their perspective and the cost of removing him worth it, according to them.

So the Guardian Angels were OK, but not former cops? :laughing: ah, New York, you crazy bastard.