The Official NBA Thread


I don’t think Lebron will make the playoffs. Even if they do, they will just get swept.

Nuggets look legit but playoffs are a different animal.


I think they could only make it to the playoffs if Adam Silver decides that having the Warriors against the LaBron on the first round would be amazing for their ratings and then the Lakers suddenly enter an unexpected & unexplainable winning streak.


For selfish reasons. I hope they just limit the minutes of Lebron and get the young guys more experience and go for next year with another big time player in FA. I don’t want to see Lebron get worn out and possibly injured just to get swept in the first round anyways.


So happy that Dirk starts again. Fun to watch him play alongside Luka. Hope they play next season too.


If the Lakers shut down LeBron and tank for Zion, it will be a full on Ewing Theory that has the young guys go crazy for a few games and just get in the playoffs which would leave the team with the decision to bring LeBron back and get swept or…something else but it would be fun.

Denver is for real but won’t get out of the second round of the playoffs.


Jesus. When Klay gets hot, he really does.
Back in my good days I was able to go on very hot shooting streaks, followed by missing a wide open layup 3 on 1. It was a great way to keep my coach vigilant. #AllAccordingToPlan

I still remember his face looking at me, mimicking the hand gesture of a layup and then doing this: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Boogie with 27 points, 8 r and 7 a against the Rockets, geez.


Not sure if Dallas loses on purpose (#tanking), but one thing is sure, Luka needs to work on his atrocious free-throw shooting.


They should tank. Try to keep their top 5 pick and get KP 100%. Just start dirk and let him check in and out as he pleases for fun. I just want to see dirk play for maybe the last year and luka have fun.


Should they play the unicorn, though? I think he’s ready.


No reason. Let him rest and heal. Get stronger in places he hasn’t worked out before going 100% in game time situations.


The Embiid - Giannis showdown was fantastic, I’m looking forward to seeing them in the playoffs.

The Lakers were ahead by 11 against the Knicks with 3 minutes to go and managed to lose. THE KNICKS. Jesus.

That last possession gave me gonorrhea.

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From Twitter:

$6,970.50: What a fan paid on StubHub, including fees, for two courtside seats tonight for Lakers at Bucks. Both LeBron & Giannis are not playing. ![:man_shrugging:]

I’d be slightly salty if that happened to me. I have a friend who has been a life long Wade fan. One year he want to the US on holiday and arranged a trip to Miami on a day when they had a home match, bought tickets long in advance for him and his girlfriend…Wade was injured and not at the arena. Hopes & dreams completely shattered.

worse than the Suns = oof


The Lakers are officially out, after losing to the Nets. 33 point of McGee on 15/20 from the field weren’t goo enough.


If this summer they miss out on some top tier free agents, it’s going to be a disaster.


I think it might happen where they don’t get a top5-6 player. The way Lebron acted was pitiful, the young fellas aren’t even that bad. It’s hard to see people wanting to play with him now.


There is also something wrong with the Warriors. Losing by almost 40 to the tanking Mavs. Come on.


i had to check because i thought you were kidding.

wtf…4/30 for 3, how’s that even possible…


Nurkic’s injury x____x It looked like Paul George’s, but worse.

Poor guy. Also, wtf the referee that stumbled on his broken leg while he was laying on the ground.


What’s the ref doing???


“I DIDN’T SEE HIM” (the ref, probably)

Good news, no muscle/nerve damage. With the amount and quality of medical staff available to Nba teams, he’ll probably make a full comeback (unless he has pre -existent bone issues, but shit dawg, let’s hope not).


Physically he should be fine if he puts in the work at rehab. But man, mentally that’s a hard one to come back to. It wasn’t even a hard contact play or he was doing anything extreme. Just a very light jump and bam, your leg is now bent 90 degrees.