The peak nostalgia thread

Managed to find the black and white version. Maybe something happened when it went through a scanner while it was being digitized.


I think every time I’ve looked at the magazine stand in my conscious lifetime there has been at least one cover photo of Princess Diana.

Remember those days when a hot new film would come out at the cinema? Your friend or colleague would be like “I’ve got that on DVD, my friend was the star actor and gave me a copy!”

They hand you a plastic clear pouch with a purple CD in it, and a printed label with resolution of about three dots per inch.

You stick it in the brand new DVD player you paid $800 for because something about Dolby and five speakers but you only plugged in two, doesn’t recognise the disc.

“I tried watching that film but it doesn’t seem to work” you tell your friend or colleague.

“Ah, is yours a DVD-RAM-RW±SACD?” you are asked.


“Not my problem, mate. Need to get better equipment. Try it on your computer.”

You prop your shared office Dell Latitude laptop with the 14 inch square screen and 800x600
resolution in front of your TV and proceed to watch the film with your family. Looks like shit, but you assume it’s the laptop.

10 minutes in, random cough.

12 minutes in, random silhouette of a man, carabooosh caraboosh can you do the fandango?

15 minutes in the camera falls over.

You realise your mates a dick and he doesn’t have any actor friends.

He gets promoted to management.

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Cam rips are the worst. :grin:

[Xvid DivX CAM DTS]

Nope, don’t remember those days at all. I’ve had some :banana: friends in my time, but that experience is a little too specific.


I think it says a lot. I’m always surprised at how many kids and young adults share nostalgia for a time period (the 80s) they never experienced. Often older people are even worse, enshrining some “golden age” that never really was. I think a lot of it’s phones. Given the rate at which we’re consuming information the present is somewhat overwhelming, the future seems scary, and the past is the only place left in which to feel comfortable.

One thing that really bothers me is when people attempt to archive/curate things I enjoyed when I was a kid. Comic books and video games are encased in plastic and given “grades” by some company, people hoard action figures they’ll never play with, etc., etc., etc.

I’ve REALLY lost any interest in the cast members from any 80s movie “getting the band back together” one more time. It’s like please guys, go do something – anything – else. It kind of worked with the first Expendables, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife was OK, but I have no desire to see those movies in a theater.


Well I could have just written “remember the days you watched a dodgy DVD and someone stands up in the middle of it” but where’s the soul, the essense, the spirit and the creativity in that?

I took it on myself to embellish the story with emotion, suspense, twists and turns.

Well, here’s some more nostalgia for you and your Rigellian friends.



That was my first thought, too.

And then I saw the feet, and I decided that there must be some kind of photographic mystery going on there, something that I wouldn’t understand, because I don’t know anything of any depth about photography.

And then I went back to thinking how delightful she is.

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Awesome. Which year is that from?


I remember the DVD stand at Raohe night market where you’d pick what you want and leave money in the box. Then it was luck of the draw whether is was a cam version or a screener copy with the annoying scrolling words across the screen.

For… your… consideration

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Small screens

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Unless you were sitting next to the radio tower or the network studio, I’mma say those things sucked.