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What a contrast and damning verdict on the state of wokeness in America…just wow!!!

Sadie :us: :woman_farmer: on X: “Yes this is the level of insanity we have reached. No joke you can’t make this up. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: He contrasts it perfectly!” / X (

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Why is a full-grown man competing against teenage girls in swimming? - spiked (

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My alma mater had a terrible football team, one that took a drubbing every week. Wins, rare as they were, were met with the same stoicism as losses. Lots of students complained (myself included), but the school’s philosophy was that football was tolerated only because football fit its mission - to mould minds and character - and that mission wasn’t defeated by losses on the gridiron. I respected them for that, even though as a young person a loss still seemed to say bad things about my life choices and invite ridicule from outsiders, amplified by the insecurities of youth.

While sexual dysphoria must feel like taking a bad loss every day, I don’t think the answer is in athletic competition with women. It’s sad as ever to see men use women as punching bags, and feel good about themselves for it.


And expect women to support them suffer horseshit trans-phobic outrage.

And more from Harvard, where it’s ok if you lie cheat steal and defraud, well, you know, if you’re on the right team.

Harvard chief DEI officer accused of 40 counts of plagiarism, including lifting from her own husband: report (

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I’m surprised that Harvard didn’t get ahead of credible, if anonymously submitted letters by doing its own review. And maybe they are, and are now aware of this (where has happened to Harvard HR??)

Unless plagiarism is far more widespread among faculty than anybody, including an evidently feckless Harvard, knew.

Really surprised that Harvard isn’t ahead of this curve. Not like the old Harvard.

Also making up fake data, or putting names on research as a favor. Stealing ideas from grad students or people who have submitted papers that you reject. It’s pretty awful in there these days. I was shocked to learn how unethical the academy has gotten. There are still some good apples, but the rot is spreading

Have to ask, is it better in STEM programs? Surely it must be, at least for one reason: very difficult to replicate results if fake data was used first.

Wholesale falsification of data will be more rare, sure. Plagiarism, idea theft, and false attribution aren’t safe from reproducible results, though!

Just happened to see this

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I see a Taiwanese university is one of the main offenders.

Gaming citations isn’t limited to Asia or math, it is just that this really stood out because a small change made a big difference. Self citation is another common trick

Maybe they need their own fountains, just to be safe?

a demographic that, in their words, does not have a good “relationship with water.”

Can all the Indian students swim? Must be more of them. How about all the gay international students, must be fewer.

Anyways, glad I’m not in Canada. Here’s an archived version:


It’s like the civil rights movement, but in reverse. :sweat_smile:

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Only the skin color has changed. Still staggers my imagination to think that the Democrats would so easily take up their old roots as the American party of race first. Really thought they had that ugliness in their rear-view mirror.

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The fact that Canadian academia would follow suit is much less surprising though.

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Feel that this article belongs here:

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Satire, but enjoyable:

Ian Miles Cheong on X: “A woke Australian family put up a sign that says the land belongs to its traditional owners, the Wurundjeri. But when they showed up they wouldn’t let them in.” / X (

The Atlantic continues to redeem itself, let us hope it isn’t too late for the academy

Archived here:

In the broadest possible sense, “what’s wrong” with the modern American university is that although it still understands itself to operate under the model established by the 19th-century German university—which emphasized academic freedom, seminars, and laboratories as means of allowing students to discover the truth for themselves—it’s becoming a parody of that model.

I’ve often thought it seems they want to return to before that time when a university was a theological institution.