The People’s Republic of Australia/NZ

I certainly am, just not of Ardern/ CCP-style totalitarianism :slight_smile:

It’s interesting. I don’t think I can recall you posting any positive thing about, well, anything.

It’s funny how memory works.

Enjoy your day!


Cheer up. Don’t be so disappointed. Not everyone can be a totalitarian cheerleader.

Enjoy your day.

And take care.


Yes Aotearoa New Zealand—the place where “totalitarianism” runs amok. :roll_eyes:

Good luck finding your paradise. Perhaps you could consider sites of governance-free liberty such as Somalia or parts of Yemen.


No need to travel for that experience. If she has her way, Ardern will turn NZ into something like those places in a couple of years!


Did you or Mike even read the first article? You are actually agreeing that it is right and proper to lock people in their houses for refusing an experimental medical intervention that doesn’t even have any obvious purpose? Do you not see how this might set a rather worrying precedent, which was anticipated by and forbidden by the Nuremberg Code? How happy would you be if you were arbitrarily imprisoned for being “silly” and refusing Pfizer’s latest brainfart? But then, I suppose you’d be first in the queue for whatever-it-was.

The second report is merely boneheaded, referring as it does to the Ladybird Books version of climate science. The first one is despicable.


Yeah, but… just get vaccinated? :man_shrugging:

Yeah but … just fecking leave people alone? They don’t want to get vaccinated. Why is that so damn important that they must be indefinitely imprisoned?


It’s a pandemic, I’ll do what I want.

Current treasurer Jim Chalmers said Mr Morrison had “dictatorial tendencies”, and called on Coalition leader Peter Dutton to condemn his actions.
Current prime minister Anthony Albanese called it an “unprecedented trashing of our democracy”.

@finley well there is the first one. You’ve been calling out this kind of stuff for two years. Wonder who will be next?

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The creature with the weird accent:


But what if that lie, told repeatedly, and across many platforms, prompts, inspires, or motivates others … to threaten the security of others. To turn a blind eye to atrocities, or worse, to become complicit in them. What then?

Well yes, Jacinda. You lied and got your lies spread across multiple platforms and insisted that nobody else was telling the truth except you. The result was social collapse and widespread harm. So what then? What are normal people supposed to do about this, exactly?

A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!


Nice to know that the harsh lockdowns and other covid policies stopped the hospitals being overwhelmed so people could get treatment for other problems. Without them, we would be seeing even bigger excess death numbers. :clown_face:

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He’s scientific and professional!

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Cindy can do do no wrong according to the media. But her divide and rule tactics have transformed NZ society into a far more violent nasty place.
NZ is very different now to what it was even five years ago, let alone 15 years ago.


Happened almost everywhere, in lockstep. The primary outcome of the COVID nonsense was the destruction of the underpinnings of Western society. I’ve just been reading Naomi Wolf’s book “The Bodies of Others”, in which she describes her personal experience of people (friends, relatives, colleagues, officials) completely losing the plot. They severed relationships, bullied relatives and underlings, and indulged in all manner of casual cruelty against strangers simply because they were allowed to. This was in NY State - which was apparently the epicenter of American COVID hysteria - but similar schisms happened in every country where people worshipped the golden vial.


Albert Bourla lives in Scarsdale, NY State :smiley:

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Goodness, does he? What a coincidence. The world is just awash with coincidences these days. I wonder if he ever spoke to gov. Cuomo at all, at any point, about business and suchlike?

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More on that report:

Australia’s huge Covid lies finally exposed.

"This is nothing short of a national disgrace and yet we were warned about it. Indeed, to put fury ahead of modesty, I warned about it. On television, on radio, in print and online.

Constantly, repeatedly, publicly — with the evidence right there, at the time, on my side. And yet I, and anyone else who dared question the lockdown-shutdown orthodoxy, was dismissed, abused, harassed and condemned — be it by the dead-eyed cultists of the #IstandwithDan movement or the Chief Health Officer of Victoria himself who gave his assent to these devastating school closures in the first place while allowing hotel quarantine to collapse under his watch.

Still, at least he found enough time to tweet.

These are the sort of people who like to talk about being “on the right side of history” and now history has caught up with them. They were wrong, dead wrong.

Not just the decision makers who awarded themselves close to messianic status — with powers to match — but the frothing mobs that cheered them on. They were wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong all along."

Poll of 13000 (so far) shows that 35% of Australians regret getting vaccinated :grimacing:

15% didn’t get vaxxed at all and have no regrets.

50% got vaxxed and no regrets.