The Pocahontas 1/2020th thread, aka E. Warren

Poor poor pitiful Liz: doing her best to screw the chumps who done the right thing.


My hubby and I sent two kids to college and we were glad we could do it. I remember how great it was when one graduated and then two! At that time, it was about $15k USD to send a kid to a state school. When I was in college, I did get a low income state grant for two of the years which paid for half of my tuition which was $2500 a semester. I remember missing out on a programming job because I had worked a temp job and earned $100 too much to qualify. :frowning: My hubby went to college on the GI bill after 20 years of military service. I can relate to the dad in this video.


Of course we do. My buddy had fun, bought a car, went on vacations. I saved my money. He made more than I did. But I worked a double shift, worked extra – my daughter has worked since she was 10. So, you’re laughing.

The way this reads is like a whine to me. Okay so your friend (who you assume isn’t in debt from all that spending) use their money like they wanted to and you did what you thought was best. That’s the power of financial independence IMO. Many minorities have done this for generations.

I paid for two degrees on my own (as did my parents) and wouldn’t have it any issue to see others have a reduced bill or none in some cases in order to get an education.

It was worth it. Perhaps that’s the real issue, can Americans value a free college education? Probably not but it would be wise if we overhauled the system and the costs.

Education, infastructure and health care in the US are the areas in serious need of overhaul.


We should do this regardless.

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Infrastructure should be THE issue IMO.

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Seriously. I look at stuff around my city and am amazed that sh!t hasn’t come down due to the years of weather, wear and tear and plain laziness. I get pretty steamed about it because of the potential loss of life. And knowing how nice the city could look if we were a bit more like Japan, as an example.

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Say what you will about Pocahontas, she would never ever pander to Democrats. She would never say random highly partisan shit to move up in the polls, shit that she would abandon like in the first second once she earned the nomination. Get your mind out of the gutter!


Elizabeth Warren is taking ‘woke’ politics in education to a whole new level. During an event on Thursday, she said that as president, her secretary of education would have to be approved by a transgender child she presumably met on the campaign trail.

is it April 1st already?
this can form a strong basis for her own whacked woke thread.

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Oh it’s well into Onion territory and verging on Lewis Carroll, if you ask me. :grin:

It’s almost as if Pocahontas has no sympathy for those who support her yet at the same time they must explain/rationalize/lie away her BS - and smile! - every day.

You just know that soon she’s going to announce her campaign is kaput, stiff her staffer payroll while declaiming Democrat solidarity, and blame Trump for everything. Sure as night follows day.

Warren is in full running for VP mode. She is willing to burn down the party to show off for Bernie.

Shocking news for Pocahontas.

I just can’t believe that 1/1024 don’t count for more in the wide wide world of intersectional idiocy also known as Democrat identity politics.


The Spinal Tap of cigar store Indians:

That can be a problem.

McCardle still showing signs of Stockholm Syndrome over at WaPo, I see.

There’s so much unintentional yet excellent information in the piece of hers you linked to, a veritable gold mine. I guess committing Affirmative Action fraud is one way to describe “clawed her way,” but that’s a descriptor about Pocahontas’s behavior that you’ll never see used outside an ivory tower.

Hey, at least she won more than 1/1024 of the vote on Tuesday. :smile:

Over the past two months, I’ve spoken to a number of 2016 Sanders voters who briefly became Warren-curious before deciding that her commitment to progressivism was insincere. They opted for the hippie who spent 50 years agitating for major wealth redistribution, rather than the strait-laced teacher who clawed her way to a tenured professorship at Harvard Law School.

Coming to a theater near you soon. :grin:

EASTERN OKLAHOMA—The Supreme Court decided this week that half of Oklahoma is Native American land. Failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was seen soon after in the newly formed Eastern Oklahoma Autonomous Zone with an authentic tomahawk and bow purchased in a gift shop, declaring herself to be the warlord of the area.

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Glad DNC is bringing its best and brightest to the Native American panel. Whoooo. Thought they’d forget about her.

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Hilarious. You gotta love 'em.

She lies about it forever, gets ahead by faking her ancestry, ignores native American students who sought her help when she was a prof at both Penn and Harvard, gets busted for it all, takes a DNA test that proves she’s no more native American than Carrot Top, releases the results anyway (?), then apologizes, and now comes to a place where she can feel virtuous about it all. :joy:

God help us.

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Sounds legit.

Warren began to sweat a little, but that didn’t seem to faze her. She did, however, end the dance about a minute early. Warren’s aide—a young white man—told us if she were to complete the dance there would be no point in voting for her because global warming would cease right there and then. This would deem her, once again, irrelevant.