The Podcast Thread

Hey, I need some new podcast recs. I’m bored by the ones on my list. So post your favorite podcasts here and if you want give a brief description.

For me, I’m into history, politics, human interest, true crime, and comedy podcasts.
Some of the ones I’m into…
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History & Common Sense
30 For 30
Liar City
We Hate Movies
Ear Hustle
Stuff You Should Know
Sword & Scale
Case File
Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast
Bill Burr’s
Joe Rogan’s
Dirty John
BBC Outlook
This American Life
And a bunch of others of varying quality…

What’s everyone else listening to?

(Didn’t see any other threads for general podcasts recommendations; just ones specific to one podcast. If there is another thread I overlooked, feel free to merge)

Dirty John was great. Criminal is also good.

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You might like these as well:
Every Little Thing
Planet Money
Stuff to Blow Your Mind
Freakonomics Radio
More Perfect

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This American Life & Radiolab are my two favs.

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I got started with Ricky Gervais, of course, but now that’s over I regularly listen to:

  • Kevin & Bean
  • Hollywood Babble-On
  • Edumacation
  • Doughboys
  • How Did This Get Made
  • We Hate Movies
  • James Bonding
  • Unsolved Murders
  • Peach & Black

There are a bunch I listen to irregularly. Like Joe Rogan. His podcasts are always 3 hours long so I only listen if it’s something I want to listen to. Plus I think he gives people a little too much leeway sometimes. It is good because it let’s them say what they want to say but, for example, when Alex Jones was interviewed it was interesting but just a flood of nonsense that doesn’t check out. Took a lot of research to get that crap straight.

I listen to these less religiously (some very infrequently):

  • Joe Rogan
  • Crimetown
  • FiveThirtyEight
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Lovett or Leave It
  • Serial
  • Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs
  • Lore
  • ReplyAll
  • Criminal
  • Nerdist
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The church of what’s happening now

The fighter and the kid

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Design Matters with Debbie Millman
Recode Decode
Too Embarrassed to Ask
The Talk Show With John Gruber
The Design of Business | The Business of Design
Jocko Podcast
Stuff You Should Know
Back to Work
Startup Podcast
UX Coffee 设计咖

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Current Favorites
Side Hustle School
Stay Tuned with Preet
Busted Halo
99% Invisible
Myths and Legends
Daily Tech News Show
Stuff You Should Know
The Accidental Creative

Also subscribed
The Daily
Inside Asia
The Allusionist
Our Fake History
Pod Save America
Write With Impact
Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me
Happier with Grethen Rubin
Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

Classic favorites

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Seems we have a lot of favorites in common. I especially love WHM (personally I find it a lot funnier than HDTGM).

I only got into We Hate Movies recently and it sucks I missed the boat. I’m definitely starting to think it’s funnier (I was in on HDTGM from episode 1). The little improv skits they do on WHM took some getting used to but crack me up.

There was one line from when they did Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers where they did a bit with Dr. Loomis showing up in the Strode’s house saying, “Hello, can I tell you about the Church of Michael Myers?” Just thinking about that now still sends me into hysterics, but it does rely on you knowing the scene.

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So, so many … the list below makes it pretty clear why I don’t listen to music much anymore!

General cultural stuff:

  • The Incomparable family of podcasts (great deep catalogue on all kinds of movies and franchises and comic books).
  • Bald Move (a couple of guys talk about film & TV; I got into them through their “Game of Thrones” discussion).
  • Fighting in the War Room.
  • NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Comedy, usually from geek tastes:

  • Hello from the Magic Tavern (improv / D&D / fantasy mix).
  • The Adventure Zone (ditto).
  • Boars, Gore, and Swords (comedy; also started with “Game of Thrones”, but have gone in all kinds of directions.
  • The Flop House (three guys talk about bad movies; one of them used to be a head writer on “The Daily Show” and the recent “Mystery Science Theater” series).
  • Judge John Hodgman.

Current affairs / politics (all centrist / left-of-centre, which will be an endorsement for some and a turn-off for others):

  • Slate Political Gabfest.
  • Slate Money.
  • Slate Culture Gabfest.
  • Slate Gist.
  • Canadaland.
  • Vox Worldly.
  • Vox’s The Weeds

Technology, mostly from the Apple side of things:

  • Clockwise.
  • The Committed.
  • Connected.
  • Download.
  • The Rebound.

Timeless ideas type stuff:

  • BBC In Our Time.
  • BBC Start the Week.
  • BBC Thinking Allowed.
  • BBC Living with the Gods (just finished).
  • BBC History of the World in 100 Objects (finished a few years back).
  • CBC Quirks & Quarks (one of the best science shows I’m currently aware of, with 10-minute segments on different recent studies).
  • BBC Infinite Monkey Cage (Brian Cox & a comedian guy, with a panel, on different topics in a given week - fun mix where you’ll have things like Eric Idle quizzing Neil deGrasse Tyson).
  • Stuff You Should Know.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class.
  • CBC Ideas.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.
  • Radiolab.
  • Gastropod (different food topics, every two weeks).
  • Sophomore Lit.
  • Milk Street (Christopher Kimball’s new venture, on food).
  • Tolkien Professor / Mythgard Academy (if you like Tolkien, a must-listen; if you don’t, don’t bother!).
  • Welcome to Night Vale.
  • This American Life.

And plenty of TV-specific shows, depending in what’s currently on:

  • Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast.
  • more Doctor Who and Game of Thrones podcasts than I care to think about.

Love Hardcore History!
Dan seems to have trouble these days with both his HH and Common Sense output. My favorite HH series is Blueprint for Armageddon about World War 1.
I also used to listen to a lot of those left-of-center podcasts you mentioned, but I find it hard to do so now because the political climate is so depressing.

I loved BBC’s History of the World in 100 Objects series, but burned through all the episodes years ago (right around when I first discovered podcasts and it was new). I still go back and revisit some of my favorite episodes now and then. Love the opening music.

If you like Flophouse, I highly recommend checking out We Hate Movies.

Nice list, man. I’ll check out some of what you mentioned here.

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“Living with the Gods” is the same guy - it’s 30-40 episodes on history of religion. I enjoy it a lot, but I liked “100 Objects” more, I think because those objects worked so well as a focus.

There’s a lovely book out there for “100 Objects”. It was a great gift for my father a few years back.


Bumping this thread, but I wanted to recommend “BROKEN: Jeffrey Epstein”. Very good podcast, currently on episode 5. Not as funny as you’d imagine a podcast about a serial child sex trafficker would be, but very interesting with lots of detail on the entire story. With the amount of detail they’re going into, the show could go on for quite a while.

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I’m loving Business Wars lately. Highly recommend it.

Wow, looking at my list at the top of this thread… a lot of the podcasts I used to love are either defunct or I lost interest.

Also, heads up… Dan Carlin finally released another 6 hour Hardcore History chapter over the weekend after like a 10 month wait.

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Nice bump! I didn’t know we had this thread.

Here are some of those that I’m listening to, others are not in English, so it wouldn’t help much for this forum.
I would add some description to each one, but I thought this post would be too long, then.
Rather, I made some categories, which could give an idea of what each podcast is about.

News and reports

Science and knowledge