The Podcast Thread

You listen to that many podcasts? Sounds like a full-time job. :open_mouth:

What do you listen to when you’re walking on the street, working out, cleaning the kitchen? Silence? Street sounds?

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Whoa…your wife makes you clean the kitchen? :grin:

Actually, yes.

Yes. It’s crazy. It’s almost like it’s 2019 and not the 1950s, and we divide the house chores equally. I sometimes even do laundry too!

Scooters beeping. Kids playing. Man yelling on loudspeaker about some sale. Zzzzzzzzz I’m already sleeping :sleeping:

We divide chores equally too–neither of us cleans the kitchen.

Your kitchen must be a hellscape.

Actually, even more.
I haven’t posted the non-English ones :rofl:

Most of these are about 30min length, and at higher speed, even less. New episodes are released every one or two weeks, so if you listen 2~3 hours daily you’ll find it’s not that many, really.

Here’s my list. I’m pathetically behind on some of them (i.e. Econtalk) and had to remove The Tech Guy and TWIT by Leo Laporte as I was never going to catch up.

The China History Podcast
In Our Time by BBC Radio 4
The History of Rome
The History of Byzantium
The History of WW2 podcast
The History of the Great Ware
The Ancient World
Pritzker Military Podcast
Dark Secret Place with Bryan Suits
Super Hyper Local Sunday Nights with Bryan Suits
50 Things That Made The Modern Economy
When Diplomacy Fails
Behind The Bastards
Intrigue: The Rat Line by BBC4
Tunnel 29 by BBC4
Clark Howard Podcast
Unknown History with Giles Milton
Noble Blood
Popular Front

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So I take it you’re a history buff :smirk:

I forgot to mention Behind the Bastards. I enjoy that as well. Surprised you don’t have Hardcore History listed.

I often slip into the arms of Morpheus while listening to the dulcet tones of Phillip Adams.

He has an annoying habit of oftentimes featuring interviews concerning Taiwan, which keeps me awake longer.

Check this brilliant podcast with Dr Michael Gervais for those into sports and high performance psychology.

Finding Mastery

This is most of my current listening or planning to listen.


Yup, very good and very thorough. Often hilarious even though it doesn’t need to be.

History of Rome lead to Revolutions which lead down the rabbit hole and backlog.

I’ve been meaning to get into Hardcore History but 6 hour long episodes is a little intimidating, even at 1.5 speed.

All I’ll say is it’s worth it. If it intimidates you, just listen to it in one hour segments (I wouldn’t suggest 1.5 speed, as he’s a deep thinker and there’s a lot he throws out there to digest). No rule you have to finish a podcast episode in one listen. I’d recommend ‘Blueprint for Armageddon’ about World War 1, which was my first listen and still my favorite (although they’re all great). Just listen to the first hour of the first episode of that series and trust me you’ll be hooked.

Stuff You Should Know podcast drives me crazy. I do not like the voices or the style went through about 10 podcasts and I’m done

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I get that. It’s okay, not my favorite. These days I’m really into Business Wars.

I’ve gone off or lost interest in a lot of podcasts I used to love.

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I enjoy Citations Needed. It’s a left-wing political podcast that challenges media narratives. Feels like they always pick interesting topics.

How are the Chinese podcasts? Do you feel as if you’ve improved by listening to them? Thx

I thought it’d be interesting to look back on my list of podcasts I enjoyed in 2017 and see where they stand with me now.

I’ll make an updated list soon.

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