The Podcast Thread

Invisibilia - Liking it.

I finished the first two seasons. Really interesting stuff about things that affect your life that are not visible. Not just people talking about it but at least a little bit of real data and interviews and on the scene reports.


I’m really going off a lot of my old podcasts. They’ve either gone downhill, stopped coming out regularly, or I’ve just become burned out on their content. Open to new podcast recommendations… go!

Invisibilia podcast about things unseen that affect our lives.

Good episode with Taiwan, families, culture, martial law, spies…

Your aging mother lives in another country. Then a tenant moves into her house – he’s clean, polite, helpful. At first you are relieved, until you begin to suspect that man has sinister motives. That’s the situation two brothers found themselves in, in Taiwan. Then something happened between the tenant and the mother that unsettled the brothers’ lives even more.

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I just finished listening to the last episode of WeCrashed. Highly recommended!
Six episodes taking about the history of WeWork, from rise to fall. Good lessons to be learned there!

Love this podcast. I listen daily

Coronavirus related podcast:

NPR Coronavirus Daily, new podcast with daily useful information out of Washington D.C. USA from National Public Radio.

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Escape Radio Show, one of the top old time radio stuff from 1940s. 30 minutes per episode so quick listening. Don’t know a podcast site, but it’s available on YouTube for listening.

Love driving or riding bike and getting lost in the story.

One of the playlists.

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just started this one, it’s really good.

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Sharing my complete list.

The Gist: listen everyday. It’s US politics mostly, but funny. Good guests.

NPR Politics Podcast: US politics

Pod save america: former Obama speech writer host it.

Comedy bang bang: comedy, mostly improv

The Sporkful: cooking and news. Really good.

Throughline: historical podcast.

Heavyweight: Jonathan Goldstein from CBCs wiretap. Really great.

This American Life: best podcast, maybe the first

radiolab: current events and stories

revisionist history: Malcom Gladwell

Slowburn: they choose a different topic each season. Monika Lewinsky, 2pac, David Duke the KKK guy. Really well done.

Rabbithole: just found this one. It follows people and how they get sucked into conspiracy theories

Reply all: more about tech, but also current events. Love this one

Cbc As it happens: Canadian news


It’s been a while since they realeased anything, no?

I like this on too.

I’ll check these ones out.

Have you heard about the “The Jordan Harbinger Show”? I think you may like it, based on your list. :2cents:

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Just started listening to ‘This is Actually Happening’ about people who have extraordinary experiences (example: I was hunted by the Japanese mafia, My father tried to kill me, I saw my best friend kill himself on FaceTime, etc).

The Slowburn producer co-created a law podcast about the Supreme Court called 5-4 that is worth a listen. I also like ALAB, but they update very infrequently.

Can’t believe no one’s mentioned True Anon yet. Great pod.

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Sounds like a good one to listen to when you are feeling down


It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is interesting. Some of them are not as extreme, like a guy who came out to his wife as gay when he was 40… okay, I guess that’s still a bit depressing, but at least it doesn’t involve suicide or murder!


He did a few check ins during the lockdown. I think the new season is coming out soon. Goldstein and CBC came to a deal on wiretap and most episodes are now available on podcast players.

Thanks, I’ll check it out

What player do you guys use? I used my old podcast republic for years. I’ve finally changed over to Stitcher. I think it’s pretty good. Nice interface

I started using Player FM and never changed.
Great interface, let’s you download and set up a Play Later list for when you don’t have internet or just want to hear your podcasts in a specific order.
It also has a big selection of the podcast, and if you can’t find the one you are looking for it’s pretty easy to add the RSS feed.
They also have a paid version, but the free version is already enough for me.

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heavyweight has a new season!

I didn’t have time to listen to it yet.
I started listening to “Reply all” while they were away. Do you know them?