The Retarded News - a facepalm


If I heard Trump right, he said something along teh liens that the bad gusy woudl be afraid, that they wouldn’t know who’s carrying but tehy know they are armed so they would not go in there.


Fair enough, but at most it’s an option. Not mandatory.

And women are allowed to wear pants nowadays.

Actually, concealed carry works best with baggy clothing. Not very stylish, but… priorities.


My stepdad carried his from an ankle holster, so he could reach quickly when he was covering/driving etc. I have always believed that is an ideal position, given that at that point, unless you are wearing leggings, most pants offer room and coverage…and the weapon is harde to find/take over by somebody else.


This is where he has it wrong and so many others. People keep repeating that if we arm teachers etc, the “bad guys” will be “scared” and will think twice. Etc.

Complete bullshit nonsense.

The “bad guys” are 90% of the time suicidal. They WANT to be taken out after they take out as many as they can themselves

End it with a big hoorah shootout is even better for these deranged people.

Why is this so hard for people to understand? It is as simple as it gets.

Teen is depressed, angry, etc. Wants to go out in style. Gets revenge on the “system”, “exlover”, “bullies”, etc by shooting up their school. Cops show up, kid knows its over and either puts a bullet in their own brain or hopes the cop takes them out in a hail of bullets. Now you are making that sickfantasy even more of a reality and enticing.

Arming more people wont frighten anyone except innocents scared of getting in the crossfire.


So take them out sooner, rather than later.

We don’t need to frighten them if they’re dead.


Depends on the decade. :grandpa:


Don’t wet yourself…


The shooter is (well was, she dead) an Iranian woman, I doubt this will be used for the “mah gun control” agenda, too edgy.


Yes. She needed a gun to protect herself from the white cis patriarchy.



Well, it makes sense. Persian cats can have green eyes too.


Whoever she is, I guess she has been photoshopped there, but green or hazel eyes are actually quite common in that part of the world. Well, not unheard-of, anyway. It looks quite striking.




Yeah, male name, female(?) picture. Like I said, I have no idea who he/she/it is.


The absolute nightmare of the mainstream media: a transgender middle-eastern muslim shooter.


oh, another shooter?

Transgender Muslim, wow. Yeah, that’s going to have them consulting their privilege-vs-opporession flowcharts.

hmm, apparently zir was vegan too.


Nasim ahshsh (whatever, m9) was the shooter at Youtube headquarters.


Ah OK. I never read the news, just in case it turns out to be retarded.

I found this. Isn’t zhe getting confused with Facebook?

Love the 7-year-old ‘what I did during my holidays’ lettering, btw. It’s a nice touch.


A trip down memory lane…

There are two kinds of mockery: front end loaded and back end loaded. If you say someone has no chance of winning, that’s trash talk. If you point out that a bunch of people have a track record of miserable failure, that’s putting them in their place.

Trump takes one of these and dishes out the other. Those who called him a joke are right, sort of. He’s a joke, and they’re the butt of it.


When you become Master of the Universe, you can remind me of how much I mocked you. I promise I won’t deny any of it. :slight_smile: