The Rise of Skywalker

At this point, Abrams is only in it for the paycheck.

Any movie that the media doesn’t like, is actually good. I liked this movie. It’s not the best but it’s far from the worst.

I dragged my girl to come see it. She hates Star Wars and couldn’t finish any other ones. She loved this one.

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Something @Icon always said about movies, the less marketing they do, the more likely that it’s actually good.

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I heard a great quote from a review perfectly summing up the current creative bankruptcy of the Star Wars franchise. “They’re doing it out of obligation rather than inspiration.” Bang on. When they start finding an actual reason to do these movies besides box office profits and maintaining brand awareness, then maybe actual quality will return.

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Exclusively for spoilers: Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Zone

Not just that; the entire sub-plot of Luke meeting Vader on Endor and confronting him, the crack that Vader shows there when he says it’s too late for him, the redemption at the end…these are the most powerful moments in any Star Wars movie.

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I’m seeing it tonight.

I don’t have high expectations…but…

There is NO WAY that this movie could possibly be as bad as Attack of the Clones. AotC is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The characters do inexplicable things and make inexcusable decisions. The special effects look awful. The acting is cringe worthy. I can not sit through that movie. I seriously doubt that Abrams could head something that turns out THAT bad.

Okay. Just watched it.

I predict that this movie is going to end up with a mirror image of The Last Jedi on Rottentomatoes. TLJ had high critic review scores and low audience review scores. This one is going to be the opposite. Honestly, I think the low critical reviews are just the critics trying to overcompensate for their overly positive reviews of TLJ with overly negative reviews of ROS.

I thought the movie was decent. I also liked, not loved TLJ. Both movies have their issues. ROS’s issue is that it is trying too hard to course correct due to the bad audience reaction to TLJ and it relies too much on nostalgia from the original trilogy. But the action is good. There are some great moments. The movie never feels dull. It’s a mess. But it’s an overall fairly enjoyable mess.

The idea that this movie is the “worst” in the franchise is absolutely absurd. Seriously. Try to sit down and watch Attack of the Clones some time. It’s impossible to get through. AotC is an objectively bad movie.

While I think this new trilogy was messy and lacked a clear plan, none of the films were as bad as the best of the prequel films.

Going forward (you know they’ll go forward), they need to just make movies set in this universe and not try to tie them in with the original trilogy. I don’t want a Yoda backstory, a Chewy backstory, a Mace Windu backstory, a Boba Fett backstory, or anything like that.

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I want a Qui Gon jinn back story. He was probably the most interesting Jedi in the series but died too soon.

There is thousands of years of lore they can pick from. I also wish they move on from the Skywalker storyline. Maybe something in the old republic.

I liked it a lot.

I was pissed when I left from EVII and seriously disliked EVIII but this is a good movie. Characters developed. They balanced old and new in a manner they haven’t previously done. Story was entertaining - though a lot of the leaks were accurate, I thought it was good. I probably enjoyed this more than any Star Wars film outside of RI since the original trilogy.

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I read someone saying that Return of the Jedi was supposed to be 3 movies, that George Lucas wanted to do a whole movie on them rescuing Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt, and the rest of the plot points on Return of the Jedi was supposed to be separate movies, but some personal life event with Lucas made him put it all in one movie.

The movie was good, but not great. It doesn’t break the universe or the trilogy like E8 did, and it isn’t a complete rehash like E7 was. It didn’t have the highs or lows of E8, and ultimately felt much more satisfying. There’s a lot more going on off scene then with 8, and so I’ll probably need more time to digest.

I don’t think that’s accurate. Not the part that you didn’t read it (I believe that) but that is what Lucas intended. He has spoken about the entire Skywalker story was supposed to be nine stories but I’ve never heard that Jedi was supposed to be spread out that much.

The leaks of what Lucas intended for the latter trilogy regarding the Whills were intriguing though would have required a company to really nail the plot - it would have taken something like what they did in their superhero movies rather than passing this franchise around from director to director to see what happens.

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I really wish they had just gotten Spielberg to do eps 7-9. I know he said SW was Lucas’s baby, and it’s years knocked off your life, but he already directed a few minutes in ep. III.

Then again, he probably wasn’t interested in making the SJW Wars. I’m struggling to think of any recent Spielberg films that even approach “woke”.

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I think Spielberg is a bit overrated. I get the appeal and I love many of his films, but he is too schmaltzy. I’m also struggling to think of the last good film he did. Ready Player One was a nostalgia-driven mess. Our obsession with nostalgic rehashes is almost as bad as the wokeness. They’re like the twin heads of the Hollywood hydra that keeps pumping out mindless shit.

Looks like my email reply didn’t work.

Anyway, agreed that he’s too schmaltzy, but Jar Jar Abrams and Rian are worse. JJ is a poor man’s Spielberg.

I don’t see Spielberg letting Kathleen Kennedy tell him what to do though, unlike those other two klutzes. Disney needed someone they could control so Kennedy could push her agenda of making the new SW films into girls’ movies.

I haven’t really had a problem with the messaging of episodes 7-9. 7 was a rehash, but it brought Star Wars back to the look and feel of 4-6 and was a jumping off place. 8 was bad because the motivations of the characters made no sense, 1/3 of the movie could have been deleted and the movie would be better, and it just took a dump on the Star Wars universe. 9 tries to be a correction, but it is flawed because 8 was so bad. The real issue is that they took an ad how approach to the stories; they needed the story first, and directors who would make that story come to life.

RP1 was great.

Ep. 9 was good, but I liked both 7 and 8 more.

Did you miss the part where Rey is a terrible character? The prequels had a terrible protagonist but had other redeeming features.


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