The SCOTUS Thread

Looks like we’re in for a very bumpy ride.

How dare the peasants criticize their betters?
I’m so old I remember when Republicans objected to unelected government officials in black robes making up new laws.

The subhead would be a better headline for this.

NPR is trash. Believe it now?

I didn’t even care about the mask part (as I mentioned). It fits well in with the whole theme, which is as much about Sotomayor as anyone else

Like Jesus returning to Plymouth Rock under a full moon, the thread has arisen.

So, guns for self protection in NY, then abortion to the states, now you can pray at a high school football game or if you’re not praying, you get the opportunity to get over yourself and address your bias. What’s the next non-binary target, telemarketers? If this is MAGA, go MAGA. :joy:

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Kennedy stopped leading students in prayer in the locker room and on the field but wanted to continue praying on the field himself, with students free to join if they wished. Concerned about being sued for violating students’ religious freedom rights, the school asked him to stop his practice of kneeling and praying while still “on duty” as a coach after the game. When he continued to kneel and pray on the field, the school put him on paid leave.

This seems entirely harmless. We used to recite the Lord’s Prayer in morning assembly at state school in England, and I don’t think it made anyone Christian who didn’t want to be. On the other hand, the US has a lot more fundamentalists likely to stretch this decision as far as they can, so I dunno.

This is apparently the end of another major precedent:

In the process of ruling for Mr. Kennedy, the majority disavowed a major precedent on the First Amendment’s establishment clause, Lemon v. Kurtzman. That ruling, in 1971, set out what came to be known as the Lemon test, which requires courts to consider whether the challenged government practice has a secular purpose, whether its primary effect is to advance or inhibit religion, and whether it fosters excessive government entanglement with religion.

In Justice Gorsuch’s account, the Lemon test had already been discarded. But Justice Sotomayor wrote that the majority had just now overruled it.

So much for not wanting an activist court.

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Activist courts make laws. This court is returning to interpreting the actual law.

That’s very active!

Growing up we always prayed in the center of the field/court after games. I never even knew the practice was under attack until this news. Seems like a strange thing to care about.

I figured this would happen. As it should. Now, the court should push it to the state legislature.

What’s next: Abortions in Louisiana can continue for now. A hearing for the providers’ case has been set for July 8.

And this, the fickle trickle back home and heal up from all the angst.

And this. Oh, Clarence! So quiet for so many years, and now this:

The death cultists of the left have been going after this for years. Activist judges have ignored the text of the first amendment, the stated intent of it, and its original meeting in order to push public policy they personally favor, eroding fundamental human rights of US citizens. This ruling is a very small, but significant, return to Constitutionality, but expect the death cultists to use this to increase their propagation of pseudo-religions like non-theistic satanism and gender theory into public schools.

Right, and hopefully the absurdity of their position and their reasoning will be on full display, like CRT was, and the pushback should be almost immediate.

I recall YEARS ago, some TV show, 60 minutes maybe, showcased prisoners who abused the system, especially the religious observances part. One guy said he was a Satanist and needed, yup, the blood of a dove, to complete some ritual that he stated he didn’t understand or really believe in. He had the time, so why not, he said. lol

When the Flying Spaghetti Monster folks want a school holiday, we’ll see what happens. :runaway:

I’m annoyed cos it’s given Whoopi something to yap on about. They should never have let her get off the Voyager.

Go smoke your eyes better, ya daft bat.

She might need to lay off the smoke.

Or just fess up she likes being high.

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Another biggie. Does Greta even know the consequences if WV wins?

BOOM BOOM BOOM. Get more of those coal plants up and running.

Na na nah nah… na na nah nah… hey hey, Greta, goodbye.

The majority said that, while the EPA can regulate power plant emissions, the agency can’t try to shift power generation away from fossil-fuel plants to cleaner sources, as Obama’s Clean Power Plan sought to do. Writing for the court, Chief Justice John Roberts said Congress needs to speak more explicitly to give an agency that much power.

“A decision of such magnitude and consequence rests with Congress itself, or an agency acting pursuant to a clear delegation from that representative body,” Roberts wrote.

The ruling casts fresh doubt on Biden’s pledge to reduce US emissions in half by the end of decade and his goal of a carbon-free electric grid by 2035. Hitting those targets will be impossible without regulations to stifle greenhouse gases from oil wells, automobiles and power plants, as well as tax incentives designed to spur clean energy, according to several analyses.

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My goodness…at this rate Congress might actually have to spend more than 6 months of the year in DC and pass a law or something if they want to get something done.

I’m not sure SCOTUS has had a better week for the Constitution and individual rights in the last 100 years…probably more.