The shaving thread

Ok the non political shaving thread, no Trump no Pelosi no Brexit.
I often delay shaving due to discomfort or lets say I get a pimple which I have only had since wearing masks. (I am pretty old now). The discomfort of shaving gets worse with age. A kind of redness and feeling that sand paper has been over my face. Anyway I generally prefer the clean shaven look. I have used shaving cream, which helps in speed of shaving but not discomfort, and used many kinds of disposable razors. Shaving on my neck is really tricky as the hair there is stubborn. I am thinking of getting one of those razor blades the barbers use in those western films. I have to use at least two disposable razors for one shave and only do it at night so I can sleep off the skin irritation.
I sometimes like the stubble look, the George Michael style, how is that achieved are their special razors for that or is it a technique? I kind of like the two day unshaven look but no more.


Me too

I thought about it, but you have to sharpen it. So I went the safety razor route; still lots of class and no plastic. I use a fresh razor every time, tried some Amazon sample packs and settled on Gillette Platinum (your skin may differ).

I use one safety razor per shave, and since I usually have some degree of beard this is rarely the whole face. Other ways I have found to reduce irritation are shaving right after a hot shower and using a heavy bristled brush to lather the soap on my neck. The soap and brush goes nicely with the safety razor.

I have saved a lot of money on razors by using beard trimmers to keep it short. And this way I bleed less. Trimmer that have different length settings make it easier to have a stubble look…

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I’m lucky. I can go 2 or 3 days without a shave. Shaving every day leaves me with a rash so I just don’t bother. Growing a beard is too much work. And the current covid situation sort of makes the idea of growing a beard a bit stupid. The other lucky part is my beard is mostly white. Not sure why but very grateful for it.

I stopped shaving a few years ago (was in hospital for a week, discovered I could grow a beard and liked it, haven’t gone back since), but I also used to dislike shaving for the skin irritation reasons you mentioned.

I’d suggest trying a decent razor rather than disposable ones - the choice of razor always made a big difference for me. Most of the disposable ones I’ve used seemed quite irritating, presumably due to damaging the surface of the skin. And if you’re using two disposable razors per shave, you’re probably spending enough on those that buying a decent razor shouldn’t be much more expensive. Shaving foam, especially the type for sensitive skin, along with hot water to open up the pores, are also good ideas of course.

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I use the same disposable razor for about five months. And I share it with the wife.
Those cutthroat things? Yeah, they’re good if you’re 100% sober.


I’d recommend a safety razor and shaving soap instead of gel or foam. That’s how my grandfather used to do it.



That is romantic :joy:


It’s also dangerous.

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I used to shave in the sink for years my whole life and then one time a girl saw me and asked why don’t I shave in shower like she does her legs.

I tried it and now shave in the shower after being in for a few minutes and it changed everything. No mirror. No messy sink to clean.

Needs a quick touch up after at sink for sideburns unless mirror in shower.

Some people have better luck with electric shaver. But it’s an individual thing. Takes a week sometimes to adjust. The non-rotating ones seem to cause less irritation.

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this i have never tried

have never stuck with it

damn @crusher, thanks so much for starting this thread!

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Welcome,( Ecanada encouraged it).

Skin allergies , rashes and such like is my curse. I started one on linen trousers to alleviate allergies last lunar new year, it helped my condition a lot.
I think I am going to go for a beard trimmer and get that George Michael look, if anyone is old enough to remember him.

I am quite normal out of the Brexit thread which is my arena🤐


Please do.

Though this would work too


Seriously? Do women really find men with beards attractive?

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But why are you using disposable razors? Buy a Mach 3 or something similar. Of course using disposable razors is more uncomfortable.


Is that what you’re after?

I grown mine out, shave it down with an electric buzzer, and have a noice razor for my neck and lower lip, upper cheeks. But I have a sparkling personality so I can get away with a lot.

Well, there are as many different tastes as there are different flavors. :howyoudoin:

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I doubt they care, I mean you won’t find women who will think: this guy isn’t attractive because he is clean shaven lol, it’s more the other way around in general.

Halitosis is more of a problem.

I personally can’t stand dirty, unkempt, long nails.

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