The slippery slope

But she says

I date my own publicly stated concern about this phenomenon to the first time I was denounced with the slur “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), which was in 2016.

Before this happened, I did not self-identify as any kind of active feminist, let alone the “radical” kind

She seems to be referring back to the 2016 incident ( hastening to add I don’t know anything about this case apart from what I read here. about it)

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An interesting and balanced article. In the LA Times. That’s more than a little interesting in itself.

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One-way skepticism.

It’s always worth the $5 to read Matt Taibbi

And one more, the kicker


Bill Barr talked about the splintering effect the progressive left is having on society quite seriously in his book. I’ll have to put it up. But this is something he alluded to, the last article, that is. Just to speak of it is bigotry. :roll_eyes:

Also on themselves (and really this just deserves to be posted somewhere, I love me some Ryan Grim):