The slippery slope


If this nonsense continues it will mean the end of women’s sports. A major success for 4th wave feminists. Well done!


Looking forward to biological males playing in competitive volleyball, where the net is set substantially lower during women matches. Fun times ahead!


We’re all equal and everyone can be want they feel like being. Net result: a girl who has worked her ass off in training comes third. And girls will have little incentive to take part in athletics in future.

Just shamful.


Dangerous too for some sports. We already had a girl get her skull bashed in and broken in mma by a trans fighter.


My daughter is quite an athlete. I don’t think she’s going to have the natural build to make it, but that doesn’t really matter.

Obviously it’s not going to happen in Taiwan where insanity has yet to become normalised, but if she ever had to compete against a boy I would be seriously pissed off.


It would be a lose lose. If you don’t let her compete, people will probably make it a big deal and try to bash you as transphobic.


I cannot comprehend how people allowing this nonsense don’t understand how misogynistic it is.


I think a lot of this is from people who don’t watch and never played sports. They may not see the huge gap in athletic abilities from elite womens athletes to the men.

There’s just this huge gap in ability like There’s not a single woman in the world that can do things such as hit a major league fast ball. No way.


It might end up with a special Olympics style of gradings according to maleness. I can’t see any other solution.


Trans division? But there wouldn’t be many.


Everyone’s a winner.


FIFY :grin:


Maybe that should be the future categorization. You might have the Penis Tennis Association or the Vagina Olympiad


Shotput should be an interesting event. :grin:


We may be onto something here. The Vagina Olympics can further be divided into Men with Vagina and Women with Vagina events, and so on.


Men who had vaginas, Men who will have vaginas, etc.

I can see Gillette getting behind this. :thinking:


Of course. Vaginas need good shaves too. :sunglasses:


Will there an Olympic Elvis impersonator mangina competition?


Cameltoe Elvis was always my favorite.


That is a magnificence perhaps matched only by the current mostest magnificent sumo body, currently inhabited by Chiyomaru Kazuki, aka Flipper.