The slippery slope


whaaaaa :open_mouth:


It’s every man’s right to have a period!

Brighton’s bat shit crazy. There’s a primary school there where over half the pupils identify as gender non-binary.


I’m getting a nosebleed just from reading the article. Does that count?


I’m sure it’s 100% natural and they were not brainwashed into it by some teacher.


Or a parent.


The question becomes at what point should this be considered child abuse.


I would bet a house that by 2040 (if not sooner) the US will see its first child services case where a parent whose kid is cisgender ie normal is removed from his or her home by the state because the parent is ostensibly preventing the kid from expressing gender fluidity.

In other words, a 180 degree turn on what should imo today be considered child abuse of the kind you point out.


I think we’re already past that point:


Everyday I think the world has gone crazy and then I see something that makes me realize there is no limit to this depravity and it’s just getting started. Even 5 years ago I would never have imagined this. Idk if I can stomach another 5 years later.


It’s completely natural, though. Ever since he was like two and watching cartoons it was evident that he was going to be like that.
I’m sure the relationship between his mother and her uncle didn’t play any role whatsoever in the way she raised her kid.


…or Woman’s. We can fight for the right for Men to have periods…wait that would be symbolic of our struggle against …reality :grinning:


I raised a boy and a girl. I think kids are “its” until a certain age. I didn’t push male or female anything. Just let them be kids. They’ve pretended to be cats or dogs and I didn’t make it my lifelong ambition to turn them into a cat or dog. My son loved any kind of truck and at two told me he wanted to be the person to ride on the back. Today he’s in medical sales, and I still see him as the two year old. I liked to play football in the neighborhood as a girl. Just play ball. Just race minibikes. Just be a kid. And when they’re older, just be who they are. Straight or gay. No surgery needed.


APA Guidelines for masculinity. Radical feminism has taken over the psychiatric field now.


Maybe they identified as dogs or cats and you oppressed their childhood 8(

Then you should have helped him transition into a 4x4 !


Father and mother if you’re the respectful type. Mom and Dad if you’re poor. Daddy if you’re Paris Hilton etc🤣


It requires math.


Telfer is one of the fastest runners in NCAA women’s track and field at any division—not just at the DII level. Telfer’s best time in the 55-meter dash is tied with the third-fastest runner at the women’s DI level.

Telfer previously ran a variety of events for Franklin Pierce’s men’s team, during most of which time he went by the first name Craig, according to school records.

Hmmmm. I think some “men” in high school might start thinking of this way to get a scholarship on a female track team in college and in other female sports.


“The assumption that all male-bodied people are taller, stronger, and more highly skilled in a sport than all female-bodied people is not accurate”

Well, yes, of course. However, they are probably going to be taller and stronger.

This lunacy is an all-out assault on women’s athletics. And it’s being led by the people who run the sport. Insane.


Obviously not all. To be fair track and swimming are probably the 2 sports I would get flat out beaten at. They are really fast and I’m not built like a runner. But there’s no way any of the top elite women’s athlete would be able to compete at the highest level with the men. And there hasn’t been.


“The assumption that all male-bodied people are taller, stronger, and more highly skilled in a sport than all female-bodied people is not accurate”

Duh. There’s no point to separate male and female athletics at all I guess then.