The slippery slope


this one was posted few days ago on the funny political images thread. Now it looks like an accurate rendition of the Olympic committee.




So, I say the game was ahead of us.


They have their own flag…wtf


They just want the right to use the little boys’ room.


as long as their attraction to children is not acted upon — or in some cases when they get permission from the child — that they should not be villainized.



Should this be posted here?



And yeah … the flag.


To be fair, though, the article seems to be referring to people who want to do certain things but have decided not to, which I suppose is a rather different ball game.


I mean idk what to think. I do understand we don’t exactly choose who we find attracted towards. But what to do with people like that?


So why do they need a flag?


Why do LGBTQs need a flag?

Some people just like waving things, I guess.


This seems to be becoming inevitable. I can’t see where else they can go other than to end women’s sports.




“Writes academic”

What is it and academics always coming up with crazy ideas that’s not based on reality?


The thing about those articles is they focus almost exclusively on testosterone levels, the author does mention it is more complex than that. I would agree. I’m sure you could make an even longer list than the one below and I haven’t seen anyone make a serious attempt to address these points collectively.


Not in current year, I’m afraid. Possibly a correlation with lack of testosterone?


It’s not possible to address these points collectively unless you go down the Special Olympics route. I don’t think that’s going to be a goer with supporters of trans are women.


Interesting interview.


Democrats have rejected not only biology, but all of human history and their own eyes to embrace the idea that what constitutes a “man” or a “woman” is now open to interpretation. To think otherwise, to believe your lying eyes, is now on its way to being a hate crime.

On the transgender issue, I suspect most people are like me – I don’t care what you call yourself or insist you are, it’s your life and you can live it or screw it up however you like. Just extend the same courtesy to me and everyone else. But leftists aren’t willing to extend that courtesy, they want control.



Yeah I took a look at this and just shook my head the whole time. A true crapshow.