The slippery slope


She lost the plot. Nothing more to read into it than that.


There have been more than a few posts unsympathetic to the Aussie athlete, I thought I wold post this, I doubt it will drum up sympathy with some, but it is in her own words and as about a positive spin as you can get.


SJW vanguards digging up things from years ago now.


Ok that was a little weird Andrew, 7 days go by between the last post in this thread and my post, which is a 30 minute clip, yet in less than 30 seconds you posted something completely unrelated.

I can understand, you have thoughts knocking around, waiting for the opportunity to share. I guess your grievance is SJW’s, I don’t think anyone on here likes them.


I watched this a few days ago. The trans dude is 188cm tall and (still) weighs 100kg, and seems to be a very nice person. I thought it strange that s/he seems to be waffling now about reassuming his male gender - he admits he’s thought about it due to how difficult things have been lately. Even more odd is that he claims he’s attracted to females exclusively, and not at all to men. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This bit, where an elderly trans doctor explains that “Hannah’s” supercharged V8 “motor” has been replaced with a 4cyl “motor” so he’s incapable of hurting his (daft) female competitors, is incredible. I mean, take a look at him (I’ve just set the time in @Mick’s file to kick off as this discussion takes place). Doc says Hannah is actually physically disadvantaged, hah. The guy is definitely capable of inflicting real damage on men in any on-field collision, much less women.

In all my years I’ve never met anybody like him, as far as I know. A big burly athlete whose heart’s desire is to be a lesbian?! How many such males can there possibly be?



“The reality of this is that white European dancers will never know my intersectional experience as a Hindu woman”

Sounds to me like she’s guilty of appropriating Western culture. I recommend a jail sentence.


In her article she wrote:“From white vendors selling religious and culturally appropriative items on the quad to Monday’s shameful misrepresentation of India, I am tired of keeping quiet. This is my identity; these experiences make up who I am. We will no longer be ignored on campus.”

So…she doesn’t want to be ignored on campus, and the result of her actions is that a campus activity that was centered about something related to her culture was shut down.

I don’t think her strategy is working too well. I mean, no one will ignore her of course, because from now she’ll always be called:“Who? Oh, the cunt that shut down the yoga class”, but if preserving her culture was the true purpose of her actions, then it’s not working out.

If a French guy started going to every French restaurant in Taipei claiming:“THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL THING, THIS IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, SHUT IT DOWN, REEEEEE” and forcing them all to close, I doubt it would help the Taiwanese to learn about French culture/traditions etc.


the next step in the fight against cultural appropriation is no marrying between cultures. Hmmm. how’s that gonna go in today’s world?


Oh, I highly doubt that’s what it was. I’m guessing she just gets a huge buzz out of being a cnut.

Never assume incompetence when malice is an adequate explanation.



“We didn’t really think this through” will be a best seller in the coming future.


Sitting on your fat ass eating twinkies and complaining about people who do yoga is easier than starting your own yoga troupe, I suppose


Is the UK trying to compete with Canada over who’s the most progressively retarded?


If you’ve never thought that the sentence:“Gingerbread men have been banned at the Scottish Parliament in a bid to reduce sexism” could ever exist…well, welcome to current year.


You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

I’m surprised they haven’t banned the word “ginger” in the name because it could be construed as a slur against people with classically Celtic hair.



So vegan = genderless? Just as I suspected … :slight_smile:


In a move that (I suspect) many Canadians are secretly fist-pumping over, the UK may have taken the lead.

Earlier this year, The Mail on Sunday revealed how an NHS guidebook stated that males living as women were being invited for tests to check for cervical cancer – even though they do not have a cervix.


It’s their right to have a cervix.


Evidently so. Nevertheless I am stunned that Britain’s NHS actually seems willing to spend more on these tests.

Maybe the NHS is just positioning itself to be remembered fondly by millennials outside the UK. Like Queen.