The Taiwan Salary Increases Thread

UMC increases base salaries 2.5% - 6% in order to attract more people to meet demand.


Maybe…Or they may receive smaller than was scheduled but pull forward the wage increase to compete with TSMC hiring spree.

UMC said the hike in basic salaries will not affect the company’s annual wage increase, which is scheduled for May, so its employees will still receive a regular wage rise at that time.

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Dow Jones says UMC isn’t going to grow because they’re already at max capacity. Yet here they are…

Let me put this here. Construction worker salaries increase by 50% because TSMC is so desperate to build.


Construction worker salaries in general have increased by 1/3 in less than a year.

The average daily wage for regular construction workers has risen from NT$3,000 to NT$4,000 in less than a year, said supply chain sources, far exceeding Taiwan’s national per capita income growth.`

Considering the low living costs in Taiwan.that is a good salary

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Can anybody link to a local source for that number ?

I believe it because I heard tea pickers can also make 4k a day now if they are good. That is including illegals. There’s a massive shortage of people to do manual labour all over Taiwan. I have heard this from farmers in different locations who are struggling to find workers to help with harvests and planting .

Construction work in Taiwan is tough those guys deserve every NTD earned.


Oh yeah that is tough and may spend about 1000NT a day on beer. Farm labor is very tough too, I did two years of farm labor in Lincolnshire during my youth. It was hell.


Are living costs in Taiwan low or high? Forumosa can’t make up its mind.

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it depends on how you live, as is in any other places.

Why is it so hard to believe Taiwan’s salaries are equal compared to the rest of the world?

Rich people aren’t making beans and are living off their inheritance.

Tech workers get paid higher than average, but still substantially less than tech workers elsewhere.

Blue-collared workers are getting paid a premium.

Inequality in the rest of the world, especially the US, is compounding.

One would expect salaries to be compressed, just like the official numbers say.

Correct me if I’m wrong -
Compared to cost of living, Taiwan’s pay is high. Compared in absolute dollar value to other developed countries, Taiwan’s pay is low.

Relatively speaking, things like computers, cars, and especially houses are more expensive in Taiwan. With cultural norms around owning property, saving money, and filial piety, it makes Taiwan’s pay seem much lower (to the average Taiwanese) than it might look to an outsider.
The rich are getting richer and the average salary isn’t keeping up, and many young people will never be able to afford a house. It’s the same story as in many parts of the developed world with added Taiwanese flavor.


The average pay for an office worker in Taipei is what…40k?
In the rest of the country it just passes 30k I think. It’s a low middle income country with a good standard of living. It’s also got tonnes of rich people dotted about. It’s a rich folks paradise really, very low capital gains and property tax, little enforcement of the law in terms of polluters and land grabbing, and super safe and convenient so you don’t need to hide away in a gated community or worry about the taxman coming for you.


Except because of how costs are structured here, $40000 is a lifestyle that would require $80000 TWD in the US.

Officially, Taiwan is an upper income country.

Even if you double it that would be just 2700 USD per month , in the US that is poverty level I believe .
I understand your point though.

Not really. In New York, yes, but you forget there are cheap places in the US too. $2700 is really good living in Buffalo.

And we know $40000 here isn’t poverty so that furthers my point.

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I also read that in breakout nations book.
I think that’s debatable compared to western Europe , Japan, Korea and N.Anerica and Australia but yes compared the broad swathe of poor countries out there it’s definitely high income.
There’s a lot of asset rich people here , even middle and low income people, so when you take that into account the picture changes a lot.

That’s not what the world bank and other economists look at. They look at the whole picture.

You don’t get to be a country with top tier development levels, an 80+ year life expectancy as a ‘middle income economy’

The dollar amount means nothing. What can I buy with the money i get? Can i buy more or less? Am I spending too much on expenses?

Not really. It’s kind of ok, but not close to “really good living.” (I went to school in Buffalo)

No that’s not poverty level in the US. My salary out of college was $35K, living comfortably in a city that’s 40% more expensive than the US mean.