The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Wait…what? Snow would definitely be a surprise. Are you talking Northern Taiwan or the North Pole?


Northern Hemisphere… well, anything North of here, like North America, Japan, Korea, China, all in knee deep snow. Heck, they are freezing in the ol country.


Um…you realize Taiwan is in the Northern Hemisphere? But yeah, I see what you’re trying to say.:slight_smile:


Yep. Which is why my prediction of the coming next snowfall in Taiwan will come true, buhahahahahhhaaa!


God, I sure hope you’re right. Today’s Taipei temps are already starting to make me sweat. I don’t want to end up with pomade on my collar.


You complain about a bit of sweat and ruining your hairdo. Man! I just want it to stay more or less even. Don’t mind cold or hot. But I was sick last Christmas and sick on CNY, all because this ON/OFF, playing with the switch stuff.


Sounds like Icon is running hot and cold, ha. Maybe all that pet dander is compromising your immune system?


Ayioo, I have lived with pet dander all my life. I’d blame the compromised hygenic conditions at the office, on the MRT, etc. In all seriousness, everyone coming to work sick makes everyone sick.


Rules for not catching a bug: wash hands frequently and don’t touch your face. It keeps me from getting viruses in the grodiest of environments. Forget the face masks and the tonic soups…that stuff probably makes you sick.


Hardly needs to be said anymore, but January was… hotter than average (2+C) and way drier.

Taidong City had a measly 6.7 mil for Jan and i daresay it was even drier where i am - i can’t remember anything other than a few two minute sprinkles.

Chinese New Year everyone was getting around in T-shirts most days - never experienced that before


Holy cow, the wind here is insane.


Get ready. As per Japan’s weather bureau, it will plunge to 5 degrees or less here in Northern Taiwan. CWB says 9. I trust Japan.

The winter’s first cold spell is expected to arrive on Thursday and be felt until Feb. 13, according to the bureau, which warned that the weather front would likely bring the coldest weather of this winter.

The cold spell will likely send temperatures down to 10 or 11 degrees in northern, central and northeastern Taiwan on Friday, Saturday and Feb. 13, the bureau said.

On Sunday, northern Taiwan is likely to see temperatures as low as 9 degrees, it forecast.

During the same period, temperatures will drop to 12-14 degrees in southern Taiwan and Hualien and Taitung counties, it said.

Most of the island will see cloudy skies on Friday and Saturday, but the weather will turn sunny on Sunday and Monday, the bureau said.


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I love the winter landscape theme on their chart. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t snow when it’s 10 or 11 degrees outside. This is Celsius, not Fahrenheit people! What a bunch of weather wusses…


…says a man wearing Goretex… Well, I am wearing Goretex today. And snow boots. And tomorrow will be worse so I do not know what to wear.

Plus it is snowing already in the high mountains here.

Reports from abroad had predicted 5 degrees. Let’s see if they update here. I had read someone on the net saying 1 degree up North. Now that will be unconfortable.


People look kind of silly when they wear snow boots when there’s no snow around.

Tomorrow, maybe you could strap a car battery to your chest and use it to power an electric blanket inside your clothes? Or you could try those hand-warmer packets that are filled with toxic chemicals. I’ve got a couple of extra down jackets lying around that I haven’t used in years…hopefully I can de-mothball them tomorrow!


I am looking on the Internet for heated blankets I can take to the office.『量販優品』三春電熱護膝毯小電熱毯電熱墊電暖毯辦公-100316943589

The hand warmer packets feel awesome inside the boots. Otherwise, there is this:現貨滿千免運-USB插電可拆洗暖手寶暖腳寶-可愛豹紋爪子-100035569418

And I am serious!


Helpful hint: don’t get the kind that plugs into your USB port…not enough power.

And as an added bonus, all those toxic chemicals probably kill athlete’s foot fungus.


This supposedly really bad cold front is looming ahead. Currently, 26 degrees in our office.


Will we are back to normal Taipei weather again.

Time for some antidepressants.