The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


The wind coming from the south is so painfully hot 8(


Taipei today was blessed with a foehn wind–hot and dry, with extraordinary clear views of the green hills and mountains. Despite the high temperatures, it’s my favourite summer weather. :smiley:



It’s been over a month since we’ve had any real rain in Taidong - blazing sunshine from sun up til sun down

If the climate change scenario for typhoons is correct - less generally but the ones that do form are bigger (does anyone know why that would be so?) - then that’s disastrous for farmers.

The only summer rain we get is from passing typhoons so if that source is running dry, it’s going to seriously impact the water supply

Anyway, the radar looks promising for today at least…


My living room AC is broken so I simply cannot even step into the living room. It is a beautiful day but I am locked in my room with AC on full, going on since last night. I would love to go somewhere with trees and breeze but can’t take the dog out. It is simply too hot.

BTW, once again the vet warned about the danger of heat stroke in pets. Interestingly, I read an article that said pets experience more heat in shaved areas. Anyways, make sure pets have plenty of water and check for signs of discomfort or illness due to the heat.


Why don’t you go hang out in the food court of some mall and sleep without buying anything like older Taiwanese people do.

I’m sitting in the food court and they’re hardly any seats available cuz just full of old people sitting and sleeping without ordering anything.

I’m loving this blue sky weather though


This is a pretty decent system - a spin off from a TS to the south west of Taiwan

Seems likely to only affect the south but residents in Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingdong, and Taidong can expect heavy rain and should be on alert for worsening conditions


Heavy rain warning for the east coast again today as the system lingers

CWB has Hualien and Ilan at 20 and 10% POP respectively, but that seems too optimistic


Actually, I waited until like 5pm and me and my doggie went out to the park. Alas, there was this strange, strong hot wind plaguing our walk, embelished by the fact that they are doing some kind of construction over next to the park. Huge clouds of dust blocked our view and we had to leave presto. Bobby was not pleased.

BTW, same strong winds blew a whole stage set up for a concert in Taoyuan.


The hot wind was the “ass” of the tropical storm that headed to Hong Kong / Macau days ago. It was very annoying here in Yilan, it made riding the bike a nightmare (well, at least half of the time).


For all you guys making fun of nervous as a cat Auntie Peng, fearful of tornados in Taiwan, I just found this in Imgur:



I’m still trying to remove memories of Saudelor from my brain 8(


No, no. Memories will remind you to stay in during typhoon weather.


During Saudelor, between the inside and outside of our house there wasn’t a lot of difference.


Yep, but you are usualy safer from flying stuff inside the house…unless it starts flooding.


last weekend it was horribly hot in Yilan. And for some reason very, very windy in the north west (Bali). thanks God I didn’t ride bicycle in any of those places (well, I just didn’t ride at all :frowning: )


I’ve been down there when it’s like that. Completely different than Taipei with its usual canopy pf humidity diffusing the UV. That Yilan-Hualien-Tainan corridor, the same temperatures are frigging brutal, it feels like you’re a friggin pork chop in a pan.
Severe sunburn/sunstroke hazard.


Agist! If you don’t like old people, you can go to Starbucks and McDonald’s and surround yourself with young people sleeping!



Honestly, it is already a matter of life or death…by sunstroke. Keep an eye on elderly people. Keep children and pets indoors.

Please set water pots for strays if you can. Too hot out there for man or beast.




Drinking weather!!:beers:

As always, if you do run across any four-legged mammals passed out shitfaced in the open, do take a moment to drag them into the shade.