The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018

Sigh. Better do the laundry before the weekend. As usual, weekdays are sunny, weekends…rotten cold and rainy.

Two blue sky days in a row.

This is getting to be really annoying. It’s like clockwork…

what does that word even mean?

Today sunny looked like this.

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Not bad at all.

Nice picture - where is it?

Riverside in Danshui, looking across at Guanyinshan.

Danshui waterfront, looking up river, isn’t it?

Sigh. My first reaction was “Damn, that looks nice - I wish I lived there.” Then I realized I do live there. And I spent the day inside, looking out the window, trying to get work done. Which I failed to do. So I should have just gone for a walk anyway.

Thanks - I will add this to the locations I am looking forward to exploring :grinning:

Just don’t go on the weekend…you’ll be trampled by hordes of tourists.

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Specifically, right here at historic Tamsui Customs Wharf

Good tip - but probably easier said than done - we also belong to those who slave away all week and look forward to a little R&R and fresh air on the weekends. :wink:


Awesome - thanks!

Oh my … well, if you REALLY want to go to Danshui on a sunny weekend, by the time you get to the location in the photo the crowd isn’t quite as bad. But the area within about one kilometer of the MRT station is awful.

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Tomorrow’s forecast is 26 degrees, hotter than today. So wear appropiate clothes folks. No winter sweaters.

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I’m still in my puffy vest in the office.

It’s cold in here, but when I go out for lunch…it’s glorious.

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I have my two fans on. I am wearing light long sleeves, no sweater, no socks/stockings.

Sun is blazing and the sky is as blue as can be expected.

Started getting muggy at lunch time…



It was nice and sunny outside, and now the Taipei skies are permeated by a ghastly miasma. God help us all!