The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



Pressure is going down so there’s a chance to see some rain. How much though? No idea, maybe just enough to increase the humidity % and make our lives even more miserable.


My mom departed yesterday after a month here. She must think I’ve turned into the biggest liar. I told her repeatedly that it would rain, that it never has not rained for more than a week at this time of the year. So when it rains, I’m going to call her on video phone to show her.


Well we had 10minutes of rain yesterday. There is a forecast of 50% chance of rain today, but for how long?

They were “watering” the roads today at noon. :frowning_face:


Started raining here in Bitan, temps have dropped quite a lot, looks like heavy rain in the mountains.


The high here in Hokkaido today was 19 degrees. Going down to 7 tonight. Seems cooler and drier than normal. I guess there’s only so much heat to go around.


@politbureau asshole.


At 8:00 this morning the “feels like” (體感) was already 42 degrees in Guanyin… :runaway:
Forecast said chance of rain this afternoon, but I imagine it won’t be much. Still rode the scooter to work.



Two week ban.
Oh no you aren’t Brian Jones.

Carry on then.


In Yilan we have 33 / feelslike 43. Also feelsbadman, and I’ll have to go outside riding my bike around noon. Rip me.


It’s been saying that for the past 3-4 weeks. It ain’t going to happen.


Even a stopped weatherman gets the weather right once a year.


Here’s to wishful thinking at least.

Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall
Just a little rain, oh
Ooh, yeah-yeah-yeah

Edit: If it rains, you know who to thank.


Jeez, I was going to post a reply song, but it isn’t even on YouTube!
How friggin hip am I?!? :howyoudoin:

ETA: OK, it’s here, but you have to actually click on the link.

Like it’s, you know, 1998 or something…


I’m enjoying living in California without the expensive house prices .


There were a few drops yesterday night. There were very dark clouds coming from the South I think, so I was expecting some rain but nope, just a few drops. If it rains today it won’t surprise me.


Nice. I like Angel from Montgomery but it’s not related to rain so I won’t post it. Never heard your song before.


Sometimes only Big Phil will do:


Not in Taiwan.