The Taiwan Weather Thread 2020

Sooo, how was everyone’s New Year’s Eve?


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Sun was out…until dusk. So like half an hour. But yeah, SUNSHINE!!!

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@ranlee, My thread was locked and merged, because the title was not exactly the same with the last year’s thread?

Cracker of a day today.

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What is that blue stuff in Taipei? Oh, it’s blue sky.

Obviously. Because we have to work…late…

Poor Singaporean pal was here for 3 days, all of which were miserable and cold and rainy. Alas, as his departure is today, the sun comes out…

My feelings exactly. I mean, I sleep without a blanket. That ain’t right.


Well it ain’t Canada, but my phone sez it’s 17 now and will not rise above that until late morning on Sunday. Humidity is high, too.

Achoo! Lots of sneezing today though air quality is supposed to be good.


temperatures in Northern Taiwan will drop to 12 degrees this weekend. Enjoy.

Has anyone checked the weather for next week (the beginning of CNY)? A high of 26 degrees for next Thursday (the first day of the holiday). I always associate cold, humid, and miserable weather for the first few days of CNY as this has been my experience more often than not. So happy about the warmth to come next week!

High of 28 then plummeting in the coming days.


Oh, crap. I see that. Toward the end of month. I guess not bringing my warm jacket wouldn’t be so smart.

Inside temp in all rooms has fallen to 20 for the first time this winter. Windows and all screen doors have been closed for a week or so. Man, I wish we could bottle this air and use it to suck up some heat a couple months from now.

Not yet cool enough for jeans, but I am wearing dri-fit Kuhl pants and a heavy cotton tee. May have to break out jeans or even cords tomorrow. It’s actually pretty comfy now, but the temp is likely to drop lower overnight.

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Cold enough that my wife keeps cranking up the heating so I’m back in shorts. Oh well. I bought a lovely winter dressing gown a few years ago but my apartment never gets cool enough for me to wear it!

Yeah, I suspect we’ll have to switch on the splits inverters this evening. Would be the first time this winter, but sun will be down in about 3 hours. I expect the temp will drop fairly quickly after.

The robes for sale in Costco are tempting, but I just can’t imagine wearing a robe often enough to justify. And around here we’re more pj than robe after the evening shower.

20? Luxury. I’m at 15 up here. Stayed in bed most of the day.

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Yeah, that’s too cold. A few years ago I was renovating a house, living in it as well, and the temps inside got that low for a couple weeks. Hope you have a ski cap and a sweater laying around.

To the handsome ginger furriner in short shorts who was having pasta at 30 cafe in Xindian :heart_eyes: :howyoudoin:

Those were very furry legs.


It seems things are “heating up” here in the weather thread.

Put otherwise, don’t let the cold slow you down! : D