The Taiwan Weather Thread 2020

My wife was telling me it was too cold, at 19 degrees in Taitung, to ride my bicycle to work, better take the car. Showed her the weather from my hometown, Edmonton: 34 below.

24 hours of snow in Canada

Here in Xindian, my nose hurts, my head hurts, I am wearing socks, a cap a sweater and 2 cats and a dog.


Must be hard to find a bed that fits the decor of your cave :rofl:

bed of straw…

The next five days look comfortable in Taipei. Then maybe cooler again.

But after that week my phone says we’re in for the season’s first single digits, accompanied by rain.

I may have to break out a hoodie or two.

Anyone feeling cold in Taiwan today. It feels colder than normal or is that because recently its been so hot?

There is a cold front. I think it’s good news, since it means more people will stay inside, which means less possible spread of coronavirus.


Having a week or two (or more) of this kind of temperature is pretty normal in Taipei. I’d say this winter has been unusually warm - I’ve worn a “real” jacket and jeans even less often than usual.

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I think living in concrete does not help. Yes, warmer than last year and the first time i wore my winter coat was last night, as was the first time i thought it was chilly. One of the only things I possess that was made in the UK and wow it is warm!

Took out the electric blanket for the older cat. Wished I had bought a big one for myself. 5 cats on top is really uncomfortable.

I noticed that one of my flatmate’s cats had crawled under the heavy comforter and was snoring. Usually I chase him out, but it is really cold. I think that is weird for an animal to want to be covered.

8 degrees here in Xindian. My nose is frozen and my comforter set, so off to the coin laundry I go. It is going to be a long, cold night.

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Fired up the old parafin heater for the first time today as the kids were home, 24C, will open a window now they’ve gone to bed…

No wonder I was cold: 6.2 degrees in Xindian this morning, as per the news. :scream:

Afternoon warmed up enough for me to go out in shirt sleeves though.

What’s making it so much colder today is the wind!

I think I can deal with 10-15 temps, but you had wind to that and it’s death.

Weather warning for Northern Taiwan: temperatures expected to drop below 6 degrees tonight. Prepare accordingly.

New socks for the bear on the way home…

Blue skies today! Fantastic! Looks the same for tomorrow, and I think I should go for a bike ride, but I’m not sure how cold it’d be.