The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

It’s quite windy out in Taipei. I was walking up to the shops when I heard an old lady shout ‘hey foreigner!’. She was really quite advanced in age, taking little two inch shuffle steps to walk with her grocery trolley. Anyway, I’m always up for a chat, so I went over to see what the matter was. Turns out she just needed help opening the door to her apartment, wind made it difficult to push the heavy door. Sorry, I haven’t got anything more exciting to say. That’s why I like this thread, no pressure.


Where is the Taipei or Northern Taiwan weather God Temple? Time for me to carry over some betelnut and beer and cigarettes. I’ll even sponsor some strippers over there if they’ll bring out some sunshine in Taipei.

The Gods in the South apparently have more influence than the Gods in the North over the Weather Gods.

It’s no wonder so few people in the South are Forumosa.


Across from the cheese board is a little complex of restaurants one is like a tapas bar which I have not been but should try wonder if it’s still there
And one was this absolutely fabulous Indian restaurant which seriously was THE very best I’ve ever been to

And I discovered half off from 9pm to 11pm so that’s when I went because I can have three items for 18 dollars instead of 36 and the portions are half size so it’s perfect I can’t eat three full portions

I loved that place

The owner is Indian and the place was some sort of wine bar before it became an Indian restaurant but then it became a
Wine bar /cum some sort of other cuisine restaurant and I just have never been back there since

About Indian wine i will ask my coworker who is Indian if there is such a thing I would think there would be

North Coast Taiwan. Cold and windy with sideways rain all day. That’s right. Non-stop rain and wind -ALL FUCKING DAY!


Makes me homesick for wanli
On days like these
I loved going to the sulfur baths on route number 2 over YMS

Such fun in torrential rainy winter weather


Good spa weather with a young chick. Yeah…definitely.

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Thank you for the reminder! I was trying to think of something to do the next few days

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Wanli officially officially now the rainiest place in Taiwan.

Less than 30 km from Central Taipei as the “blue crested-magpie” flies.


Yessir it can rain MONTHS at a time mostly a nonstop drizzle followed by torrential rain followed by moderate rain followed by light rain followed by drizzle followed by torrential rain followed by thunderstorm followed by typhoon

300 days a year at least

Snow on Hehuashan. Not sure about that snowman though!




Anywhere in the West and that would be considered racist! The snow is nice but it looks kind of slushy. Or is that ice?

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Talking to friends in Vancouver-they’re having a white Christmas for once, and complaining about the cold-
Me: Yeah, it’s cold here too
Them: It’s -7C here. What is it there?
Me: Uh, 20.


As I wear my snow boots and snow cap and I see people more wrapped up than my dear departed Auntie Meg’s tamales in ankle length down puffer coats, I remind myself: the problem is it is colder indoors than outdoors…and it is raining.

My bedroom is 18 degrees with the heater on.

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Indeed concrete is hard to heat and hard to cool
But stands up to typhoons and quakes

The Bay Area is getting the most rain so far in December since 1984 and I’m loving the torrential rain Mount Diablo could get six inches of snow these next few days while even the Berkeley hills may get a rare dusting as snow level may reach as low as 1000 feet perhaps tonight or tomorrow

Reminds me
Home the torrential rain

Meantime highways 80 and 50 are
For days to come by blinding snow and high winds !! No travel to snow country , one experienced skier already missing near Truckee as many avalanches are expected

So glad we went last week and not this

Her majesty’s undaunted for she has said when she returns from indonesia she is to want to venture up snow country again

She’s leaving on a jet plane for jkt tomorrow leaving tommy and the cats to fend for themselves for 3 weeks

Indonesia now requires 10 days of hotel prison on arrival

Why can’t we all be like Sweden?

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Good news for the snowpack and water supply next year, if a few problems now.

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And don’t take your laptop because snatch-and-grabs are rampant there. Happy holidays!

The tapas bar is (was?) notorious for its really stiff drinks. I got a mojito last time I was there and it was so strong I couldn’t even finish it.

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North to South, rain to sun.

At least the sun came out around noon in Taipei yesterday.

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Continue to report that there’s a 30% chance it’s already raining…in Taipei.