The Taiwan Weather Thread 2022

What will the weather gods bring to Taiwan in 2022? No one knows, I know when I speak for some of us here, we just want @Ibis2k12 back.


I thought he was @IbisWtf ?


He’s both :wink:

OK, well the 2k12 one hasn’t logged on since 2016, which seems to be when Wtf made its first appearance. Either way, looks to have departed this forum.

At least some where can look forward to some sunshine.

Surprise! Spring is around the corner and no one knows except clueless news.

“Plum rains” makes spring rain sound sweet and nice but it’s really just more rain. That’s what the news will then start calling the constant rain…

And if you’re really lucky you might catch trees with flowers if the rain hasn’t knocked the flowers off already.


Actually, due to the crazy weather, there are cherry blossoms in Alishan already.

Me? I am just watching pictures of snow in Tokyo and wonder when that cold mass will hit us…

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Wait there is going to be weather in 2022 ? Wow

From the snows of Tahoe to the beaches of Bali

Heads up, forumosans in the north: temperatures are supposed to plunge tomorrow (i.e. January 11), all the way down to 12 degrees Tuesday evening in the Taipei City basin. Watch out!



Many people laugh at 12c but it’s actually quite uncomfortable at that temp in Taiwan especially as the concrete homes will be at that temp all day long too

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The humidity man. My furniture is expanding, warping, white layer of mold growing…

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….to the choir

Or at least to me: a Canadian that finds winter in northern Taiwan to be miserable. :neutral_face:


Oh trust me I hated winter in north Taiwan

I lived for the summers there

Given the sudden cold surge today, I wonder how many elderly people have ended up in Hospital (or worse) as a result.

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Temperature is dropping as well as the humidity up here on the north coast.

The coldest we’ve experienced so far this year was 11.9° this past Tuesday. But it didn’t feel as cold as today because the humidity was still around 80% which made it feel warmer.

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It’d going to be cold tonight. Watch out!


You can hear the ambulances sweeping through low income neighborhoods at the moment. All day and all night long. People dying every night.

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Indeed, and not a mention of a Lockdown or compulsory Blanket wearing to save lives. My partner mentioned last night when watching TV that the death count was in the 40’s for the day.