The Taiwan Weather Thread 2023

I like this level of cold, just cuddle up with the cats!

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Sorry, @Icon

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Warning for Wednesday, especially for Taipei: temperature drop expected from 6 down to 4 or even 3 degrees. :cloud_with_snow:

Those with heart conditions: stay indoors unless you really must have to go out. Seriously, doctor’s recommendations.

This is beyond cuddling with cats level of cold.


And I am sorry if anyone is stuck in South Korea, where the cold snap managed to close the airports.

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Japan also facing cold spell flight cancellations.


Nice day in South of Taiwan, better than hometown in Kyushu is under zero.


13 degrees in the countryside of Hualien. Getting a bit of warmth from this fire.


Xindian 9 degrees with Real Feel of 6.

Anyone in Tamsui willing to chip in with local temperature on site?

According to one app, currently 9C, but feels 6C. Supposed to bottom out at 7 (feels 3) before dawn tomorrow.

But there was enough sun for a pleasant afternoon walk, so that was nice.

It feels cold outside, but it doesn’t feel like 1

I just prepared the winter cycling kit for tomorrow morning.

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It’s already snowing up in the mountains up North. Who wants to take bets we’ll have snow in Yangmingshan again this year?

I would just wish that the cats would not steal my covers …

They steal mine, but I just push them off. They come back and snuggle with me. It’s not immoral. They have brains the size of peanuts.

Oh their brains are the size of peanuts but their bodies are 5 to 9 kilos each, which poses a problem when trying to push them aside.

Have you tried spoons? If they like it, you get the warmth; if they dont, they’ll probably leave…

I miss my cat, he was such a cuddle monster. We loved our morning spoons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

North coast weather report.

Dry, windy, cold.

So far a low of 8.8°, but feels colder due to the low humidity and wind.

If the skies remain clear, should be colder about 05:30 this morning.

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looks cold enough for a 5/3 wetsuit

Ain’t goin’ in brah!

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Hope it stays on the cooler side throughout Feb.
Liking this weather

6 degrees @ 200 meter @ 7AM, cold but crisp …