The Taiwan Weather Thread 2024

Next spring will be wetter than usual because of the impact of the El Nino effect, the Central Weather Administration (CWA) said Friday (Oct. 13).

How is that even possible? Already goes months at a time even though technically that’s just the continuation of a wet winter before spring arrives

Nice view of the clouds flying home today.


Another beautiful winter day up on the north coast. Nice clean waves and sunshine for me and my mates.




Beautiful down in Ktown as well

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Just about perfect today. And dry weather as far as my 8-day forecast goes.

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I think rain is coming

Nice weather so far this winter.

In March 2022 I wrote this in my journal.

“I don’t remember having a worst winter in my life. I look back at the last few months here in Taipei and it has just been sad and dull. Try to go out, can’t do anything, can’t get any exercise, can’t get any sunshine. I try everything.”

Maybe that was the February that only had 3.5 hours of sunshine in the entire month.


Yes it is! The warm sunny days will continue through Friday, followed by lower temperatures over the weekend . . . then a drop starting Monday next week. Watch out!

A cold wave is forecast to arrive in Taiwan Monday and Tuesday and push temperatures down to 7-9 degrees, with the mercury in open coastal areas falling 3-4 degrees lower, the Central Weather Administration (CWA) has forecast.

Peng said the strength of the cold wave could approach that of a cold surge in 2016 that was the coldest weather to hit Taiwan in the past 10 years and was blamed for dozens of deaths and considerable agricultural losses.

He urged people, particularly farmers and fishermen, to prepare themselves for bitterly cold weather.




It ain’t cold until I can see my breath, otherwise it’s summer attire.

Given that up North is freezing - snowing in Tokyo, ice storms in North America - I expect a very cold snap :cold_face:.

OTOH, the plum blossoms are in full bloom and some cherry :cherry_blossom: blossoms are out there too. A cold snap should bring out the rest of the beautiful flowers. Of course, the weather is so weird I saw azaleas too. Oh well.

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The snow in Tokyo thing is not usual but it does happen. It seems it was back on January 13?

Given the timing, it seems it will be a separate system hitting us in Taiwan.


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There’s talks of days off work if it gets too cold, for what, about 40F? That’s like still above freezing, and unless there’s danger of ice or whatever on road it seems redundant. If there’s freezing rain, then we’ll talk.

I mean they don’t cancel work or school when it gets down to 28F in Texas.

You don’t like rain or cool, it’s time to be south this week.

The shit"s going to hit the fan next week.

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With possible snow in Yangmingshan…

Government has already sent warnings to keep elderly folk indoors.


I’m thinking of going up there Tuesday. I’m thinking so will half of Taipei.

Tuesday is a working day so still probably won’t be as crowded as a busy weekend day

You never know… Taiwanese people might be taking time off or whatever. Probably enough cars they have to limit vehicle access. Course I’m taking a bus up there…

Yangmingshan Elementary took two days off due to cold weather. Let’s see what happens say with Culture University.

I can take the 14 to 18 forecast. It’s the 80% rain what bothers me. :rant:


It’s snowing already. Watch for heavy traffic up the mountains… and inexperienced drivers.

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