The Taiwan Weather Thread


Actually, that’s not the one I am talking about. East of the Philippines there is a low pressure that will likely develop into a typhoon in the next 36hrs. It’s predicted to pass south of Taiwan, but as we saw, that can still cause a lot of rain


There have been landslides in Wanli, number 9, and somewhere else.


Damn, I was going to visit somewhere else tomorrow. Guess I’ll go there another day. :joy:




Ok, so today a landslide in Wulai area made a rock fall over a car. The passanger is dead.


“It’s like Usain Bolt doing a 4-second,100-metre run,” Professor Pitman said. “It’s completely off the charts.”

Apart from the extremities here that we know all too well about, 2016 has so far seen:

  • Glaciers in Canada receding on a massive scale
  • Artic ice back at record low levels
  • Record rain in Australia
  • 11 of the past 12 months setting monthly high temp records
  • A conga line of Super Typhoons

Speaking of which, despite the typhoon likely to remain far away from Taiwan, the east coast could still get torrential rain from Haima as it heads to China.

Shaping up as the most powerful storm to hit China, possibly ever.


AC at the office is “broken”. Probably some burocrat in his cozy infernal office cannot bear turning the main AC on in late October/early November.

Meanwhile, Icon is stewing at 30 degrees and 100% humidity indoors…


Warm typhoon wind…looks like it could be a nice sunset right now.




Today in Yilan we’ve had rain and sun alternating each other for the whole day. We’ve also had a huge rainbow in the afternoon.
Fairly strong wind as well.
Unfortunately our sunset sucked, the mountains and clouds covered almost any light and so just a small fraction of the clouds were painted with red/orange.


Serve with a tabouli salad and a good riesling

Icon, i guess your bosses never got the memo about this thing called ‘Global Warming’ and how December is the new October

This morning we had some of the heaviest rain i’ve ever seen - thanks God it only lasted 30 minutes

Hi Ma! has dropped a few notches crossing PPE but the structure is still intact - which is not normal. At one stage it looked like it was gonna pick the gap which would be incredibly rare, but that didn’t happen. I’m sure north PPE was smashed, but it’s still gonna be something out of the ordianry in China


Ironically first thing on my desk was a paper on global warming. I am told we are “saving energy”. Which is why they only turn the AC on a couple of hours…and turn it off at noon. Then turn it back by mid afternoon…off at 5. Back to stewing in our steamy juices…

The cherry on top: guy in charge of above mentioned paper says I can hand it in anytime before 9pm…

Only if the AC was on.


Yeah, palomita. you may want to back off on the whole “juices” deal, some of these pigfuckers ain’t seen a naked lady since comics cost a quarter.
Just sayin.

Crazily typhoon-like weather out there considering there’s no typhoon.


Weird ‘sunrise’ this morning. Overcast and raining heavily but with this soft yellow glow.

Speaking of which, a couple of nights ago i saw this round flash of yellow light rise up from behind the mountains - looked like a large explosion but there was no noise. Anyone see that or have any ideas what it might have been? Definitely wasn’t lightning or fireworks

Wondering about the impact in China with this typhoon - a menacing ‘oomph’ in the rain here and we’re no where near it. My guess is it’s gonna be a major disaster there.


Could have been a meteor strike, perhaps?


If you guys think this is hot, wait for next week.

Autumn tiger indeed!

I noticed most people at the office came dressed up very…lightly. One lady is wearing an ensemble I’d use to get to the pool or the beach. One Taiwanese guy is wearing a Hawaiian shirt - discrete colors though.


Yeah, that’s my best guess, too. I didn’t see it streaking through the sky but maybe i just caught the last bit. Still, never seen anything like it. Really looked like a huge explosion - i immediately started googling to see if the Chinese invasion had started!

The rain here is weird. Absolutely buckets down when it comes, but sometimes it’s less than a minute. If it’s like that but sustained in China then it’s gonna be a massive disaster there.


Song Shan and Neihu district last night felt like a typhoon. Heavy winds and short bursts of heavy rain.

Not sure what the weather this weekend will look like in Taipei. Hoping we don’t get cooped up inside for the long weekend.


I read that on Venus a single day is 243 earth days on account of it spinning so slowly (and clockwise - only Pluto and Venus spin clockwise - and getting slower) and one day is longer than a year (225 days)

Imagine having a bad hair day on Venus!

One theory is the that the atmosphere became so thick that it slowed down the rotation of the planet. If that was the case, i can definitely see that happening here. Yesterday the humidity hit 99% in Taidong. No rain but this incredible mugginess that you could cut with a knife.

I see there’s a rain warning out for most of the east coast. Although it’s pouring in Ilan right now (but really, when isn’t it?), it’s supposed to extend down the coast. CWB bumped Taidong’s POP from 30-70% and issued the warning. There are no building dark clouds here particularly, and can’t see anything obvious on the radar this far south, but it is bloody humid, so maybe…


I can confirm we’ve had some really have shower during the day. During one of those, I was riding my bicycle to buy some veggies ._. feelsbadman.