The Trump era law and order thread

I’ve been trying not to start lots of new threads lately, but this is crying out for a thread.

This is the meta-issue behind gun control, Antifa, BLM and the narrative about Trump. It’s about accountability and the blame game and the Constitution. Two questions:

  1. Will Trump forcibly restore law and order at the local level before the election?

  2. If he does, how will the usual suspects take it?

First, an accountability move:

Same story, different spin:

“Biden’s advantage comes from strong support among women and suburban voters. Moreover, suburban women in all three states trust Biden over Trump to handle coronavirus and policing/criminal justice.”

" *Wisconsin

Biden tops Trump by 8 points among Wisconsin likely voters, 50-42 percent. That’s just outside the survey’s margin of sampling error. Two percent back Jorgensen and 5 percent are undecided.

Women make all the difference in the Badger State. They favor Biden by 17 points, while men are about evenly divided (Trump +1). Plus, more Democrats (95 percent) support Biden than Republicans (86 percent) back Trump.

*The president is ahead among rural voters (+4) and Whites without a college degree (+5). *

Biden benefits from more voters trusting him on coronavirus and policing/criminal justice. He is preferred over Trump on the virus by a wide 17-point margin and by 5 points on policing and criminal justice. Voters rate both equally on the economy and pick Trump by only 1 point on dealing with China."*

So… even after Kenosha, Wisconsin voters prefer Biden on matters of policing/criminal justice. And that’s a FOXNews poll. Go ahead. Check it again. :popcorn:


That’s kinda what happens when a ton of people from your own administration are literal felons.


He only pardons the BEST people!


Why do people trust Biden more on law and order? Here’s the list, for the uninitiated:


Nobody’s buying it. Trump’s attempt to change focus isn’t working. The virus remains at the center of attention for most people (duh!). Losing your job or thinking you could be without work soon tends to do that.

My prediction is after a week or so more of this silliness, Trump will try to find something else to shift the focus on. Sad.


If Trump does put an end to riots in Portland, and if he does so despite attempts by Wheeler (mayor and police commish at the same time as per longstanding Portland civic law) and Schmitt (county DA) to keep the nightly fun going, then one would like to believe Democrats themselves would credit him for upholding law and order over his own political gain.

Because make no mistake: the murders, beatings, arsons, and occasional forays into suburban Portland to harrass residents are helping Trump enormously.

A ticket organized around being a law and order prez certainly worked for Nixon in 1968, when Chicago burned during the Democrat convention there - not unlike the Pacific NW, Minneapolis, Chicago, NYC, and StL are all burning today.

Definitely a precedent in US history exists for overwhelming, silent electoral support for a GOP candidate of questionable character, under enormous fire otherwise, to win on a law and order ticket. See election of 1972 also.

Not according to the latest batch of polls. :man_shrugging: (see post#2 above).


It’s just simple logic and common sense. I mean this is Trump’s America now. So the message is vote Trump in to fix Trump’s America? It’s just silly, and moreover, everyone can see through how he’s trying to change the focus. Nice try. Try something else now, like maybe a new nickname for Biden or something.

Are you referring to the FOX poll?

I think we’re close enough to the election that external polls no longer matter, but as far as I know Trump is closing the gap with Biden in recent polls.

To sum up: closing the gap with Biden = the PNW violence does seem to be increasing Trump’s electoral support. :idunno:

Got it. Only the polls you agree with matter. As for external/internal polls… I don’t trust supposedly internal Trump polls that don’t share data or methodology or even basic percentages. Biden camp also says their internals show them still way ahead.


No you don’t got it.

Only the election matters; this close to the actual election I don’t trust polling data to measure anything less gross than trends - unless they’re internal polls, available to party insiders only. Those are usually very accurate.

Must be why Joe is heading to Kenosha in a few hours. Because his internal polls say he’s ahead. :grin:

You cannot see internal poll data for yourself so how can you trust it? As we know, Trump camp has no problem telling bald-faced lies (just yesterday, Trump made the laughable claim he actually won the popular vote in 2016).

One of us is in for a shock on November 3rd, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be me.

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Actually beginning to think this whole topic is a “whoosh” event for you.

I guess we’ll know for sure pretty soon

Whatever. You can’t refute any points, so you resort to insults.

Yeah… we sure will.


All I have to say about this thread is:


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I actually did refute your “points.” You have either chosen to ignore it or you don’t recognize it. Latter would be the “whoosh” I spoke of.

What point did you refute? You said you trust internals. I asked why, since you can’t see data, sample sizes, methodology or even the percentages. If you want to just reply “whoosh” like you’re an edgy teenager on Reddit, then I have no time for you.

Actually, I linked to a poll that showed the gap is shrinking between Biden and Trump, and I pointed out that this is the definition of “helping” Trump.

Somehow you ignored this. Whoosh.

eta: Do you think it’s impossible that a righty poll showing Biden well ahead and a lefty poll showing the gap shrinking may actually be examples of both sides using polling data to incentivize turnout?

Yes, and ignored all the FOXNews polls in the process. :roll_eyes:

Whoosh back at you.

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