The TSMC Thread

UTokyo and TSMC said they plan to collaborate on cutting-edge research in materials, physics, chemistry, and other fields to push the limits of scaling…

I assume this is to get chips under 2 nano?

This is also the first time TSMC is collaborating with an entire university department. They’ve only done so with individual academics in the past.


any industry-university collaboration is a win-win.
students get real-world experience, professors can write journal papers, and the firm gets R&D at nearly zero cost and gets first chance to use successful results.


University of Tokyo is the top ranked uni in Asia. They are well funded but I guess like the chance to stay at cutting edge of semicon production .


to be honest, it is still very expensive to do semi-conductor research, so i am not sure it is “nearly zero cost”. you need clean room facilities, wafers, VERY strong computers to calculate things like electricity flow through single digit nanometer wafers… its no longer something you can do with a legal pad and a pencil


Zero skilled labor cost

Largest listed company in Asia. There’s no sign of slowing down either. AMD is going ham on Intel, automotive is growing and IoT will ramp up soon.


That’s awesome.

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If 5G takes off they are going to blast off to the next level. Let’s see what happens !


I wonder if that…

Was spurred by this…

Samsung will wage a price war to gain market share.

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Expected operating margin Uof 39%. Holy cow.

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TSMC will begin “construction” for the 3nm node in 2020.

Samsung will begin “mass production” of 3nm using a different process in 2021.

Those two probably mean different things, so I don’t know who starts first.


What do you mean Uh-oh?? Did you read the article? It totally debunks the bullshit headline. Is this an attempt at fake news from you?

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Uh-oh for tsmc.

Wondering how this might turn out for TSMC. I’m not sure which process nodes it will affect. It should be fine as long as TSMC can still fabricate nodes as big as 12nm. Regardless, it’s game over for China if US also puts SMIC on the entity list.

Oh it’s happening…

Yeah right. This makes no sense. By then Trump is out of office and they’ll renege.

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TSMC’s value-added contribution to the iPhone is greater than apple’s.