The TSMC Thread

More like she’s handed the domestic reigns of R.O.C. over to Clock Chen.


They say they are buying a EUV machine (probably from ASML) and the new production value is estimated at 700億, which is $70billion.

Their current revenue is $85.6 billion NT, and their market share of DRAM is 3%. Which means after the new plant is up, their market share will rise to 5%.

Add Micron Taiwan’s estimated 8%, that’s 15% for Taiwan.

DRAM market will be:
Korea 70%
Taiwan 15%

Are you sure it’s going to be DRAM and not SSD?

TSMC doesn’t do DRAM. Nanya Technology and maybe Winbond (a little) are the last players. Powerchip used to be, but went bust and is now trying to be OEM fab like UMC and TSMC.


Sorry entire memory market

Micron Taiwan.

Winbond’s revenue increased by 64% last year.

May the gods bless this DRAM FAB that it becomes a wellspring of prosperity.

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…for three years at least.

Well she’s not a shameless piece of trash like Johnson or Trump.

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Thats a highly cyclical market.
There’s only two outcomes…making piles of money losing piles of money.

CPU are a much safer bet. Strategically for the industry in Taiwan its good though.

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Yeah the reason Samsung entered the foundry business is because DRAM is too volatile.

Ironic thing is, their foundry business is currently not profitable.

The future will be SOC.

Mediatek is the leader in that field.

SOC been around in bulk since cellphones/smartphones. The future is in your smartphone.

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How about Winbond?

Taiwan got CPU locked down already (of course still need to be vigilant to maintain the lead), next best bet is advanced packaging. Current packaging technology is low added value and labor intensive, but next gen is going high tech and is almost certainly going to be more lucrative than memory.

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3374, 精材, owned by TSMC

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Ignore my calculations. I didn’t get even my addition right. It must’ve been late at night.

Nanya is part of Formosa Plastics.

Mediatek is opening an IC design center in Purdue University. They will have courses in IC design and next-gen computing

Purdue is a solid engineering school in the Midwest.